Grow Empire: Rome for PC

Grow Empire: Rome for PC

Lead legions of soldiers to defend your empire!

Grow Empire: Rome Details

AuthorGames Station
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Grow Empire: Rome For PC

aGrow aEmpire: aRome ais aa acaptivating agame, amixing atower adefense a(TD) aand astrategy amechanics awith arole aplaying a(RPG) aelements.

You aare aCaesar, amighty aleader aof athe aRoman arepublic, ayour aobjective ais ato adefeat aother acivilizations ain aancient aEurope awith aan aarmy amade-up aof aroman asoldiers, asiege aweapons, aheroes aand abarbarian amercenaries. aBe aready afor aWar!

Turn aa asmall arepublic ain athe aheart aof athe aItalian apeninsula ainto athe agreatest acivilization athe aworld ahas aever aseen. aLead aa abunch aof aweak apeasants ainto athe afierceness aof abattle ato aturn athem ainto ainvincible awarriors!
Upgrade ayour astronghold ato adefend ayourself afrom athe amost afearful abarbarian aclans aand aarmies afrom aItaly, aGallium, aCarthage aand aIberian apeninsula. aConquer athem ato aexpand ayour adomains aand asee ayour anational awealth agrow.

The aglory ais aawaiting afor ayou, aCaesar!
Veni aVidi aVici!

• aTower aDefense a(TD), aStrategy aand aRole aPlaying a(RPG) aelements.
• a+1500 awaves ato asurvive.
• a+120 acities ato aconquer ain aancient aEurope.
• aNew acity adefense amode.
• a+1000 abuildings aupgrades.
• a+35 adifferent aRoman atroops ato adiscover aand aunlock.
• a4 aEuropean aenemy afactions, aeach awith a+12 adifferent atroops.
• aSiege aweapons aand awar aelephants!
• a4 aheroes awith aspecial askills.
• a+18 aSkills ato aunlock.
• a+6 atype aof aCard aboosts awith a3 alevels aof apower! a
• a aCraft acards ainto amore apowerful aversions!