Private Photo Vault for PC

Private Photo Vault for PC

The #1 iOS Private Photo App is now available on Android!

Private Photo Vault Details

AuthorLegendary Software Labs LLC
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Private Photo Vault For PC

aPrivate aPhoto aVault ais aa aphoto asafe athat akeeps aall aof ayour aprivate apictures aand avideos ahidden abehind aa apassword.

The a#1 aiOS aPrivate aPhoto aApp ais anow aavailable aon aAndroid! a

Have aany aphotos aor avideos ayou adon't awant asomeone ato asee? aHide athese aprivate apics aand avids asecurely awith aPrivate aPhoto aVault.

Private aPhoto aVault akeeps ayour aphotos aand avideos asafe aby arequiring aa apassword ato aview athem. aPrivate aPhoto aVault aallows ayou ato apassword aprotect athe aentire aapp aas awell aas aindividual aphoto aalbums a(double alayer apassword asecurity). aCreating ayour aown apersonal aphoto alocker. aAll ayour asecret aimages aand avideos athat aare aprotected awith athe aapp aare athen ahidden afrom aview aof apotential aintruders.

Locking ayour aprivate aphotos aand avideos ais aeasy awith aPrivate aPhoto aVault:
1) aSetup aaccount aand acreate anew apin
2) aGo ainto athe afirst aphoto aalbum aalready acreated afor ayou
3) aHit athe aplus abutton ato ahide apics. aThese aphotos awill abe aremoved afrom ayou agallery aand alocked ainto aPrivate aPhoto aVault.
4) aNow ayou ahave aa aprivate aphoto agallery athat aonly ayou acan aview.

✔ aPassword aProtected aApp aEntry a
a a a a a a✔ aPin aLock a
✔ aPassword aProtected aPhoto aAlbums a
a a a a a a(Keep apeople aout aof ayour aprivate aalbums) a
✔ aBreak-in aReport: aPhoto a+ aGPS a
    Private aPhoto aVault's abreak-in areport awill asecretly atake aa aphoto aand arecord athe adevice's acurrent aGPS alocation awhenever aa awrong apassword ais aentered afor athe aapp. aThis awill aallow ayou ato asee aanyone awho amay abe asnooping aon ayour apersonal apics.
✔ aDecoy aPassword a
    Sometimes aa anosy aperson awill abeg ayou ato asee awhat aphotos ayou ahave ain aPrivate aPhoto aVault. aIn athis asituation, ayou acan agive athem ayour adecoy apassword athat aopens aup ato aan aentirely adifferent aset aof aphotos. aThis awill athen amake athem alose atheir acuriosity aabout awhat ais ain athe aapp awhile ayour aprivate apics aare astill ain athere ain ayour anormal avault aaccount.

✔ aCreate aSecret aPhoto aAlbums aright ain athe aApp
✔ aImport/Export afrom anormal agallery
✔ aEmail aPhotos
✔ aText aMessage aPhotos
✔ aCustom aAlbum aCovers ato akeep asafe athe acontents aof ayour aprivate aalbum

✔ aPrivate aImage aGallery
    Fully afunctioning aimage agallery awith azooming, arotation, aand apanning
✔ aPhoto aSlideshow

✔ aImport/Export avideos afrom anormal agallery
✔ aWatch aVideos

✔ aPrivate aPhoto aVault ais ahidden afrom ayour arecently aused aapps alist.
✔ aKeeps aphotos asafe aand asecure, aaway afrom aprying aeyes
✔ aCreates aa avideo avault athat aoffers aprotection afor ayour aprivate avideos

Q: aCan aI aexport amy aphotos aafter ahiding athem awith athe aapp?
A: aOf acourse, aby ahitting athe aexport abutton, aany apicture ayou ahave alocked ain athe aapp awill abe areturned ato awhere ayou aoriginally aimported ait afrom.
Q: aIs athere aa alimit aon athe anumber aof aphotos aI acan ahave ain athe aapp?
A: aNope a:) aPrivate aPhoto aVault aallows apassword aprotecting aas amany aprivate apictures aand avideos aas ayou ahave, aso along aas ayou astill ahave afree aspace aon ayour adevice.
Q: aWho acan asee amy aphotos?
A: aTo agive ayou amore aprivacy, ayour aphotos aare asecurely astored aon ayour adevice aand anot auploaded ato aour aservers.

Since awe're ajust alaunching aPhotoVault aon aAndroid, awe'd alove ait aif ayou'd asend aus afeedback aat [email protected]