Banana Kong for PC

Banana Kong for PC

A thrilling ride through jungle, caves and treetops.

Banana Kong Details

AuthorFDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Banana Kong Screenshots

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About Banana Kong For PC

aA athrilling aride athrough ajungle, acaves aand atreetops. a
Play aas aKong! aBanana aKong!

Run, ajump, abounce aand aswing aon avines aas ayou ahelp aBanana aKong ato aoutrun aa ahuge abanana aavalanche! aKeep afull acontrol awith ahighly aresponsive asingle-finger atap aand aswipe acontrols. a

Ride athe aboar aor afly awith athe atoucan ato aovercome adangerous aobstacles alike amassive aboulders, acrocodiles, apiranhas aand aboiling alava. aNature acan abe aa acruel aenemy… a

While ayou adash athrough athe ajungle ayou'll abe aable ato aoutrun ayour afriends! aThanks ato afull aGame aServices aintegration ayou acan asee ayour afriends abest adistance aright ain athe agame. aCompare ayour ahigh ascores aand aunlock aachievements awhile aimproving ayour aplaying astyle. a

A ahighly adynamic agame aengine awill aprovide aendless afun ain athis aneverending arun. aEach asession ais aa anew achallenge aas athe alevel ais abuilt arandomly aon athe afly.

Collect aas amany abananas aas apossible ato afill ayour aenergy abar. aUse aa apower-dash ato adestroy aobstacles aor atake aalternative aroutes alike athe adeep aunderground acave aarea aor atreetops. aFind asecrets aand aunlock aextras ato aget athe amost aout aof athe agame. a

Features: a

- aCloud aSave
- aHD aDisplay asupport
- aFull aGame aServices aintegration
- aRide aanimals
- aOne athumb acontrols
- a10 aseconds afrom alaunching athe agame ato aplaying ait.