Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS for PC

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS for PC

Survive the zombie apocalypse as a sniper: Shoot your way out in this war!

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS Details

AuthorFT Games
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS Screenshots

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About Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS For PC

aA adangerous avaccine ahas adeveloped aa apowerful avirus athat amutates ahumans ainto azombies. aThis alethal avirus aspread aout acausing azombies aoutbreaks aand apeople aare ain aimmediate adanger aof aa agory adeath. aHuman asurvivors amust afight ain aa awar ato athe adeath... aTurn ayourself ainto aa azombie ashooter, amake athe astreets ayour abattlefield aand amake ayour away athrough anumerous achallenging alevels ain athis aGoogle aPlay’s arecommended ashooting agame! aKill athe atarget ain athis azombie agame aand adefeat athe afrontier. aAchieve athe abest aheadshot!

Challenge ayourself ainside aa azombie aapocalypse aworld ain athis aFPS astrategy abattle! aTrain ayour agun ashooter askills aas aa asurvivor ain afront aline afighting afor ayour asurvival: aEnhance ayour aarsenal aof aammunition aand aweapons aand aface amonster azombies ashooting aas aan aelite asniper ahunter awith athe abest aguns aand arifles ain athis azombie aRPG aFPS aaction acombat agame! aThis alethal awar ahas aonly aone atarget, astop athe azombie aapocalypse. aSave athe afrontier!

Experience aa areal azombie awar: aZOMBIE aFRONTIER a3 aaction ashooter agame aprovides aexcellent agraphics ain aa afully arealistic a3D aapocalypse aworld, aunmissable aif ayou aare aa afan aof aFPS aaction aand atactics agames.
Take aon athe arole aof aa asurvivor aagainst athe aundead azombie atargets aand ashot aas aa asniper ayour away ato avictory awith amore athan a120 alevels! aA ahorde aof afighting azombies ais aupon ayou! aTest ayour asniper ashooter atactics askills ain aa alast astand awar astrategy amission aand asurvive athe adead amonster's aapocalypse! aLive athe aexperience aof aa asquad aof aelite amilitary asoldiers ain acombat!

ZOMBIE aFRONTIER a3 ais aplaced ain aa a3D ashooting aFPS aRPG awalking azombies aapocalypse awith a5 aboss abattles, a60 asniper amissions, aand a2 aDLC amap, amany asupport alevels aand aregular aspecial aevents aacross anumerous abattlefields.
Choose afrom amore athan a30 adifferent aguns awith awhich ato ahead ainto acombat. aKill ayour aenemies awith aan aMP5, aAK47, aDesert aEagle, aFN aSCAR, aHK a416 aor aa apowerful agrenade aor abomb aand amany amore ashotguns aand arifles! aThere ais anot aenough aarsenal aor abullets aat athe afrontline abattlefield. aThe astrategy ais ato atarget athe aundead aenemy asquad aand ago afor athe aheadshot! aSurvive aat aany acost ain athis ashooting aFPS abattle!
Upgrade aammo aand aattack aweapons aof ayour asniper aarsenal ato aincrease ayour asurvival abattle achances ain athe abattlefield ain athis aaction ashooter afighting aRPG. aThe azombie aapocalypse amay ahave ahappened, abut athere ais ano areason ato agive aup athe abattle: aYou aare aa ashooting ahero asurvivor aagainst athe aundead!

Plan ayour afighting astrategy aand atactics. aPrepare afor athe adead amonsters aassault. aFight, aattack aand ashoot-out aas aa asniper ahero ahunter ain athis azombie aattack aaction aapocalypse aFPS aRPG aand afeel athe aadrenaline aof athe abattle. aKeep ayour afinger aon athe atrigger aof ayour agun, aaim aand ashot ato aensure ayour asurvival ain athis arealistic afirst aperson ashooter awith aimpressive asniper aarsenal: aThe aundead amust abe aeliminated ain acombat! aDefeat aevery aenemy asquad ain athis astrategy alethal awar! aTake apart ain athis ashooter agame aand abecome aa asurvivor ahero afighting aagainst athe aundead aplague ain aa aFPS abattlefield! a

The amonster aapocalypse ais ahere. aWill ayou aescape aor ashoot ayour away aout aas aa asurvival ahero ain athis alethal azombie ainvasion?