Fish Crush - charming ocean for PC

Fish Crush - charming ocean for PC

Free to explore in charming deep ocean.Match 3 for making bombs!

Fish Crush - charming ocean Details

AuthorYunbu Game Studio
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Fish Crush - charming ocean Screenshots

Fish Crush - charming ocean for PC screenshot 1Fish Crush - charming ocean for PC screenshot 2Fish Crush - charming ocean for PC screenshot 3

About Fish Crush - charming ocean For PC

aAdventure ain athis awonderful aunderwater aocean aworld, ayou acan acollect aconch, acoral, astarfish, athere aare avarious afish ato aaccompany ayou ato abuild athe aideal aunderwater aworld!

Enjoy athe aexciting aand aadventurous agame awith ayour afish,challenge ayourself awith aevery ainteresting atask.totally afree ato ahave athe awhole afun.

So amuch abeautiful afish athat ayou acan acollect!

Easy aGet aStarted aGame aPlay
• aSwipe ato amatch a3 aor amore afish.
• aCollect athe afish, abreak athe aobstacle aand acomplete athe atasks!
• aWisely ause athe acolorful aand apowerful atools ato apass athe adevil atasks!
• aEnjoy astory-line aand avarious amissions!
• aTry ato aget a3 astars ain aevery amission!

• aRare afish athat alive ain adeep aocean
• aOver a240 acreative atasks, afull aof afun aand aamazing achallenges!
• aSplended aanimations aand acheerful abackgound amusic
• aNo atime alimited! aPlay awith ayour awisdom aand aget athe abest ascore
• aAny atime aand aanywhere awith ano acelluler adata arequirements
• aDailyly aand aweekly aGame aEvents
- afrequently aget amore agifts aand aplay awith afriends!