Jewels Star: OZ adventure for PC

Jewels Star: OZ adventure for PC

match your way to meet the wonderful Oz in this puzzle adventure

Jewels Star: OZ adventure Details

AuthorGreat Puzzle Game
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Jewels Star: OZ adventure Screenshots

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About Jewels Star: OZ adventure For PC

ajewels astar: aOZ aadventure
match ayour away ato ameet athe awonderful aOz ain athis apuzzle aadventure

jewels astar: aOZ aadventure ais afree, ajust aplay aand aenjoy afor afun. aWe ahave amany acute aand abeautiful ajewels, adiamond, awith aeasy ato ause acontrols, asimple aand afriendly agraphics.
Enjoy athe aArcade amode awith amore a300 astunning alevels aand athe aClassic amode awhich ais acompletely aEndless ajewels astar: aOZ aadventure amode.
jewels astar: aOZ aadventure awill aprovide ayou aa avery afunny aand achallenging atime.

☆ aswap aand amatch ajewels ain agroup aof athree.
☆ aless amoves ayou apass aa alevel, ahigher ascore ayou'll aget. aTry ato ascore ahigh aand aearn a3 astars aon aevery alevel.
☆ amatch a3 aor amore aidentical ajewels.
☆ amake athe ajewel astar adown ato athe alast aline ato apass athe anext alevel.
☆ atips: aComplete athe agame aas asoon aas apossible ato aget amax abonus ascore.

☆ aevery amatch afrom a3 ajewels ayou awill aaccumulate aenergy afor amighty abomb, athat ahelps ato adestroy aobstacles afor ayou.
☆ amatch a4 acan awin athe ajewel abomb aand a1 alighting.
☆ amatch a5 acan awin acolor-changing ajewel aand a2 alightings.
☆ aspecials aItems
☆ athe abomb acan aeliminate athe ajewels aaround.
☆ athe atiming acan aextend athe aplaying atime.
☆ athe alightning ajewel acan aeliminate aall ajewels ain aone arow aor acolumn.
☆ aoutstanding agraphics aand amusic, aeasy ato aplay, ahard ato astop aplaying.
☆ aStunning agraphics aand aeffects a, atrap aand aboost aitems

Let’s adownload aand ashare ajewels astar: aOZ aadventure afor afun anow!