Flats for PC

Flats for PC

Cross-platform Multiplayer and Singleplayer FPS. No need to sign up or register.

Flats Details

AuthorFoliage Games LLC
Android Version2.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

Flats Screenshots

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About Flats For PC

aNote afor aAndroid a8 ausers: a
before aplaying aFlats, aplease aenable aall apermissions ain asettings ato aavoid acrashing.
we aare afinding athe asolution, ahope athis ahelp, asorry.

Flats ais aa aMultiplayer a/ aSingleplayer across-platform aFPS.

Multiplayer a: aIncluding aDeathmatch,Team aDeathmatch,Territories,Capture athe aFlag, aBlow aup athe aBase a(Bomb), aZombie, aVIP aand aCo-op aSurvival.

Singleplayer a: aSurvival, aAssortment aand aHeadshot aChallenge.
Features a:

- aSupported amajor acontrollers.

- aSupported aCardboard aand aAndroid aTV a(need acontrollers).

- aYou adon't ahave ato asign aup ato aplay amultiplayer. aJust adownload aand aplay. aIt's afree.

- aAll aweapons aare afree. a

- aYou acan asend ayour asave adata ato aother adevices ain aLAN, aeven aif ait awas adifferent aplatform.

- aCross-platform, aAndroid, aiOS aand aWindows(PC aand aPhone).

This asoftware aincludes athe awork athat ais adistributed ain athe aApache aLicense a2.0.