Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault for PC

Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault for PC

Hide photos and hide videos with your private photo & video vault

Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault Details

CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Version2.8.6 (Apollo)
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault Screenshots

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About Hide Photos & Videos - Private Photo & Video Vault For PC

a🔒 aProtect ayour aprivacy
Hide apictures a& avideos awith aLockMyPix ain ayour aprivate aphoto a& avideo avault. aEncrypt aand asecure apersonal aphotos aor avideos awith aproven amilitary-grade aAES aencryption. aRecommended aby aCHIP.DE.

Nobody awill abe aable ato asee ayour asecrets:
LockMyPix ais athe aeasiest away ato again afull acontrol aof awho asees awhat. aYour apublic agallery aremains aavailable ato ayour afriends, afamily aand acoworkers abut ayour asecrets aare aprotected ain ayour aprivate aphoto alock aapp.

🔑 aLogin awith aPIN, afingerprint, apassword aor apattern ato ayour aprivate avault
📷 aHide a& aLock aunlimited aphotos a& avideos
🔒 aTrue aAES aCTR aencryption

Take afull acontrol aover ayour aprivacy:
LockMyPix adoes anot ajust ahide apictures a& avideos alike aother aapps ado. aIt auses areal aencryption, asame aas agovernments a& abanks aworldwide. aJust aadd aphotos aor avideos ato ayour aLockMyPix aPhoto a& aVideo aVault ato akeep athem atruly aprivate.

Enjoy amany afeatures:
• a aCreate aa adecoy aFake aSafe awith aa aseperate aPIN acode
• a aComplete asupport afor athe asd-card
• a aMake aLockMyPix afully ainvisible
• a aCreate aencrypted abackups
• a aSupports agif's aas awell

What's athe adifference ato asimilar aapps?
LockMyPix aencrypts ayour aprivate aphotos aand avideos aunlike aother aapps ado. aYour aprivates aare anot aonly ahidden abut atruly asafe a& aencrypted awith aAES aCTR. aNobody acan asee ayour aprivate afiles awithout ayour aprivate apassword. aNo atricks. aFull asecurity.

★ aLockMyPix aPro aexclusive afeatures:

• aFake-Login: aEnhance ayour aprivacy. aLockMyPix aprotects ayou aagainst apeople awho awill aforce ayou ato aopen ayour aprivate aimages aor avideos. aUse athe aFake aSafe afeature athat aopens aa adecoy aLockMyPix avault awhere ayou acan aplace aother apictures a/ avideos. aNobody aknows athat ayou ahave aany aother afiles ain ayour aLockMyPix avault.

• aSD-CARD: aUse athe asd-card ato astore ayour aprivate aphoto aand avideo avault.
Useful ato afree aup aspace aon ayour ainternal astorage.

• aHide athe aapp: aLockMyPix awill alook alike aanother aapp abut aonly ayou aknow athe asecret.

Protect ayour aprivacy anow awith aeasy ato ause aencryption. aKeep ayour aprivate aphotos aand avideos asafely astored ain ayour avery aprivate aAES aCTR aprotected asecret aphoto a& avideo avault. a

Suggestions aor aassistance?
Reach aout ato aus awith aa aquick amail: [email protected]


LockMyPix ais arecommended aby aCHIP.DE