MARVEL Strike Force for PC

MARVEL Strike Force for PC

Time to fight! Gather your squad and battle to save Earth this holiday season!

MARVEL Strike Force Details

AuthorFoxNext Games
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen

MARVEL Strike Force Screenshots

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About MARVEL Strike Force For PC

aIn aMARVEL aStrike aForce, aready afor abattle aalongside aallies aand aarch-rivals ain athis aaction-packed, avisually-stunning afree-to-play agame afor ayour aphone aor atablet. aAn aassault aon aEarth ahas abegun aand aSuper aHeroes aand aSuper aVillains aare aworking atogether ato adefend ait! aLead athe acharge aby aassembling ayour aultimate asquad, aincluding aSpider-Man, aDoctor aStrange, aGroot, aRocket aRaccoon, aVenom, aJuggernaut, aCaptain aAmerica aand aIron aMan, aas ayou aenter astrategic acombat aagainst aan aall-new aenemy athreat. aIt’s atime ato afight! aGather ayour asquad aand aprepare afor athe abattle ato asave aEarth!

Recruit ayour astrike aforce aand aform aa asquad aof apowerful aMARVEL aSuper aHeroes aand aSuper aVillains alike aIron aMan, aCaptain aAmerica, aLoki, aVenom, aDr. aStrange aand amore. a

Outfit aand aupgrade ayour aSuper aHeroes aand aSuper aVillains ato abecome astronger athan aever abefore. a

Who ayou abring ato athe afight amatters. aPair aup aspecific aSuper aHeroes aand aSuper aVillains ato aperform acombo amoves ato atake aout aenemies. aExpert ain-fight atactics ain a5v5 abattles agive ayou athe apower ato avanquish athe agreatest avillains aof athe aMarvel aUniverse. a

Experience agroundbreaking agameplay acinematics, aas ayour aheroes aunleash adynamic achain acombos awith aa asingle atap.

Play aone aof athe amost avisually astunning amobile agame aexperiences athat ahas aever abeen areleased. aYour aMarvel aSuper aHeroes aand aSuper aVillains alook aas aclose ato alife-like aas apossible aon ayour aphone!

Get aReady afor athe aHolidays awith aGoogle aPlay’s aFestive aUpdates!

By adownloading athis aapp, ayou aagree ato aour aprivacy apolicy aand aterms aof ause, aavailable aat a aand a

We amay awork awith amobile aadvertising acompanies aand aother asimilar aentities athat ahelp adeliver aadvertisements atailored ato ayour ainterests. a aFor amore ainformation aabout asuch aadvertising apractices, aand ato aopt-out ain amobile aapps, asee a a aYou amay aalso adownload athe aApp aChoices aapp aat