The Survival Hunter Games 2 for PC

The Survival Hunter Games 2 for PC

Your mission is to survive and defeat every enemy encounter

The Survival Hunter Games 2 Details

AuthorAeria Canada
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

The Survival Hunter Games 2 Screenshots

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About The Survival Hunter Games 2 For PC

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If ayou aencounter aany atroubles awith ain-apps, aplease acontact aus aat [email protected] aso athat awe acan ahelp ayou asolve ayour aproblem. aThank ayou! a

The agame acomes afully aloaded awith aamazing afeatures! aOur anew agame ainterface ais aextremely auser afriendly, aand aboasts aeasy ato aplay atouch ascreen acontrols athat aallow ayou ato aeffortlessly arun, ajump, asprint, areload, aaim, ashoot aand amore! a

The anew amenu ascreen aincludes amap astyle alevel aselect aand asettings ascreen. aGain agame ainsight ain abetween amaps aduring aloading awith atip ascreens, aand abegin aeach agame awith amission astyle ainstructions! aBefore ayou abegin ayour afirst alevel, ayou acan awatch aa ashort avideo aad ain aorder ato aearn aa apower aup. aYou amay aopt anot ato awatch, abut ayou'll alose aout aon athe aadvantage. a

As asoon aas athe agame abegins, aa atimer awill abegin ato acount adown. aIf ayou aare aable ato abeat athe alevel aquickly aenough, ayou awill aearn aa apermanent aweapon, awhich acan abe aused ain aall aother alevels! aIf ayou ado anot abeat athe aclock, ayou acan astill aadvance athrough athe agame, ajust awithout athe apermanent aweapon. a

Fight astronger, amore aintelligent aenemies, awho amake athis agame aan aintense abattle aof awit, astealth aand askill! aEnjoy ahand-to-hand acombat aand aprecision aaiming ato atake adown aenemies. aCollect ayour ablocky aweapons aand aget aready ato aaim aand ashoot!!

-User afriendly ainterface awith atouch apad acontrols
-Ammo aand aweapon acollection
-Jump, aaim aand arun
-Mini-map ato aspot ayour adangerous afoes
-Mission aorders
-Hand-to-hand acombat