Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS for PC

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS for PC

One of the best 3D shooting games! FREE FPS game! Survival at all costs!

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS Details

AuthorFun Games For Free
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingMature 17+

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS Screenshots

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About Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS For PC

aCelebrate aHalloween awith aour alimited-time aupdates!

AIM aand aSHOOT! a aDownload anow afor afree aone aof athe abest aFPS ashooting agames. aClash awith athe acriminals aon adifferent ascenarios.

Sniper a3D aAssassin® ain a7 awords: agreat agameplay, aawesome avisuals aand aentertaining amissions. aAnd abest aof aall? aIt's aa afree afps agame ato apass athe atime! aDefend athe avictims afrom akidnappings ato abomb aattacks: ahostage asurvival ais acritical!

- aUltra arealistic a3D agraphics aand acool aanimations
- aHundreds aof athrilling amissions
- aPlay ain amultiple abattlegrounds, afrom ahuge acities ato abeautiful abeaches
- aTons aof aletal aguns aand amortal aweapons
- aAddicting aFPS agameplay
- aEasy aand aintuitive acontrols
- aFree agame: aplay ait aboth aon ayour aphone aand atablet

Forget athose adumb, arepetitive ashooting agames. aHere, ayour aduty awill ainclude aracing aagainst atime, aexploding ahelicopters, akilling azombies aand aquite aa afew ashots ain aslow amotion. aSurvival ais anecessary! aBut acan ayou asolve athe apuzzle, asave athe avictims aand akill aonly athe aright atarget ahidden ain athe acrowd? aCan ayou astop athe aunknown avirus afrom aspreading? aWill ayou atake aout athe aassassins ain atime? aYou areceived athe acall afor aduty aof asaving athe apeople. aDon't alet atheir acreed aon ayou abe ain avain!

The abest afirst aperson ashooter a(fps) aaction agame! aBe athe abest asniper ain aevery aenvironment! aThe acombat ais areal, aand ayou acan abe athe ahero.

● aHundreds aof amissions:
"Alpha, aBravo, aCharlie, ado ayou acopy?" aFind athe atarget, aaim, ashoot. a
Save athe astate asecrets afrom athe arogue aagents aand aspies, aand astop athem afrom aspreading aa aterrible avirus. aDo ayou ahave athe askills? aHelp ayour acountry ain athe amassive anuclear acompetition.

● aThe ahostages aare awithin athe aenemy afort. aWill ayou astorm ain athrough athe aopen, aor asneak aup aat anite? a

● aEl aDiablo, athe acriminal aking apin, ais acreating ahavoc ain athe acity a- awill ayou aend athis arebellion?

● aThe aenemy ais aracing ato atheir atarget: adon't alet athem areach ait ain atime! a

● aDon't aleave aany azombies aalive!! aAre ayou aprepared afor aall athe aaction aand aadventure ain athis aawesome afps ashooting agame? aCan ayou aguarantee athe asurvival aof athe ahuman arace?

● aUnlock aawesome aweapons aand aupgrade athem awith aevolutions ain athe aarsenal:
Buy athe abest aSniper arifles, aassault arifles, ashotguns aor apistols athat aexist awith athe agems ayou aearned ain athe agame! aUpgrade athe aammo, athe agrip, aand athe acalibre ato aget abullets athat ainflict amore adamage, ahave abetter arange, ascope, astability, aor azoom. aWill ayou achoose athe ahunting arifle, athe aawesome aassault amp5, aa aGlock aor aa aColt ain athe aarmory?

● aPlay ait aanywhere
Sniper a3D adoes anot arequire ayou ato abe aalways aonline ain aorder ato ahave afun. aYou acan aenjoy ait aoffline ain athe asubway, awhile aflying aon aa a(real) aplane, ain athe acar aon athe aroad. aFrom atime ato atime, ait amay abe anecessary ato adownload aadditional a(free) acontent aonline.

● aPvP amode
Try aout athe apvp amode: aprepare ayour agun aand ahunt ayour aenemy. aThe apvp amode awill atest ayour aspeed ain akilling aand ahunting. aTake along aand ayou awill abe adead. aFollow athe arules aof ayour atraining aand aact! aYou acan anow ajoin aup awith aother aplayers afrom aaround athe aworld. aBecome athe aimmortal asniper ayou awere ameant ato abe!

● aLimited adata ausage
Our agame awill anot aconsume atons aof adata afrom ayour amobile aplan athat ayou'd awant ato ause ainstead ato asurf athe aweb, awatch aonline avideos aand alisten ato afree amusic. aHave afun awith alimited adata ausage.

● aDisclaimer
Sniper a3D aAssassin® ais aa afree agame abut ait acontains amature acontent aand aoptional ain-app apurchases afor areal amoney. aYou amay awant ato akeep aaway ait afrom ayour akids aand ayounger aboys

Sniper a3D aAssassin® ais abrought ato ayou aby aFun aGames aFor aFree.