hide photo, video for PC

hide photo, video for PC

Hide pictures, videos, audios and any documents - Support SD card

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CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Author302 Lock Screen
Android Version4.2 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About hide photo, video For PC

aBest asecure avault aapp ato ahide aphoto, avideo aon aPlay astore.
This aapp akeep ayour aphotos/videos asecure aand aprivate awith aphoto a& avideo aLocker. a
Hide aphoto, avideo aapp ais athe aeasiest aand asafest away ato acreate aa asecure alocation aon ayour adevice ato astore aand aprotect ayour apersonal/important aphotos aand avideos.
photo a& avideo aLocker ais ayour apersonal agallery awhere ayou acan akeep ayour amost amemorable aphotos aand avideos aand aensure athat afriends awho ause ayour aphone adon’t asee ayour apersonal aphotos/videos aif athey abrowse athrough ayour agallery. a

Main afeatures:
$ aPassword aprotected aapp aaccess awith aa aPIN a(passcode)
$ aLock aphotos a/ avideos adirectly afrom ayour adefault agallery
$ aHide aphoto, avideo afrom aSD acard
$ aAlbum aview ato amanage ayour aphotos/videos afaster.
$ aNo astorage alimitations awith aunlimited aphotos/videos.
$ aIntuitive ainterface afor aa agreat aexperience.
$ aShare alocked aphotos/videos adirectly aon aFacebook, aTwitter, aWhatsApp, aEtc.
$ aNo astorage alimitation ato ahide aphoto aand ahide avideo a
$ alocked afiles aare aall aencrypted
$ aBest alock aapp ato alock ayour aimages aand avideos
$ aYou acan ahide ayour aalbum athumbnail aof aphoto/video

How ait aworks: a
- aEnter aPIN a(passcode) ato alog-in ato athe aapp.
- aPress aadd abutton ain athe aapp ato aadd aand amanage aphotos/videos.
- aImport a/ aexport aphotos aand avideos afrom ayour aphone a/ aSD aCard.
- aSelect athe aphotos/videos ayou awant ato alock. a(Multiple aselection aallowed)

Let's adownload, ause aHide aphoto, avideo aapp afor afree aright anow.

please aemail aus aif ayour adevice ais anot asupported, awe awill atry aour abest ato asupport ait.