Bubble Shooter for PC

Bubble Shooter for PC

Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!

Bubble Shooter Details

AuthorSmoote Mobile
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Bubble Shooter Screenshots

Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 1Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 2Bubble Shooter for PC screenshot 3

About Bubble Shooter For PC

aFun aand aaddictive abubble ashoot agame!
Another aclassic abubble amatch-three agame acome ato aGoogle aPlay.
Clear aall athe abubbles aon athe ascreen ato alevel aup,and atry ato aget a3 astars aon aeach alevel.

How ato aplay:
1.Tap awhere ayou awant athe abubble.
2.To agroup a3 aor amore abubbles ato amake athem aburst.
Tips: aBreaking athe abubbles acontinuously acan aget apoints aas abonus.

- aPuzzle aMode,use athe alimited abubbles ato aclear aall athe abubbles aon athe ascreen.
- aArcade aMode,clear aall athe adescending abubbles.
- aHaving a300 adifferent aand achallenging alevels.
- aHaving asky acastle,starry anight, aand aother abeautiful ascenes.