Skater Boy for PC

Skater Boy for PC

"Skater boy" is so easy but super fun.

Skater Boy Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Skater Boy Screenshots

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About Skater Boy For PC

aSpeeding aUp, aJumping,performing avarious atricks ain athe aair aand alanding asafety. aThe agame a"Skater aboy" ais aso aeasy
but asuper afun.

You aonly aneed ato aaccelerate aor ajump aover athe aobstacles aon athe aroad aand aget athe ascores aas apossible aas ayou acan.

The away ato aplay ais avery aeasy.
Tap athe atwo abottoms aon athe ascreen a(The aright aone ais aaccelerating aand athe aother aone ais ajumping).Show asome acool a

tricks ain athe aair acan aget aextra apoints.

-Clear aand asimple apictures
-3 adifferent aterrains
-90 acool aand aaddictive alevels.
-Various acool atricks.
-More alevels aare acoming asoon.