Happy Glass for PC

Happy Glass for PC

Draw and fill it up!

Happy Glass Details

AuthorLion Studios
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Happy Glass Screenshots

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About Happy Glass For PC

aThe aglass ais asad abecause ait's aempty. aYour ajob ais ato adraw aa aline ato amake athe aglass afilled aup awith aliquid aand asmile aagain!

Try ato afind athe abest away ato acomplete aeach alevel. aYou acan acome aup awith ayour aown asolution aso abe acreative aand adon't abe aaffraid ato athink aout aof athe abox!
Some alevels amight alook aeasy abut alet's asee aif ayou acan aactually aget athe a3 astars.

features a:
* adynamic amechanism. aDraw alines afreely ato acomplete alevels!
* aSimple, asmart aand afun apuzzles abut acan abe achallenging atoo
* aLots aof alevels awith amore acoming asoon!
* aFun aand arelaxing atheme athat awill amake ayou astay afor aquite asome atime