Popular Wars for PC

Popular Wars for PC

Become the supreme leader!

Popular Wars Details

AuthorLion Studios
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Popular Wars Screenshots

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About Popular Wars For PC

aWant ato aknow ahow ait afeels ato abe apopular?
Then athis agame ais afor ayou!

Already apopular?
Then athis agame ais afor ayou!

None aof athe aabove?
This agame ais adefinitely afor ayou!

How ato abe apopular a:
* aCollect afollowers afrom aanywhere aon athe amap!
* aGrab aother aplayers' afollowers ato aeliminate athem!
* aLead ahundreds aof apeople aand ashow athem awho's athe aboss!

* aSuper ahigh atech aswarming aalgorithm
* aMega adynamic aand a"destructible" aenvironment
* aExtra acute afaces athat awill afollow ayou aeverywhere ayou amove
* aAnd aa awhole alotta afun!