Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action for PC

Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action for PC

It’s Christmas: enjoy the holiday spirit on the battlefield!

Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action Details

AuthorGame Insight
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action Screenshots

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About Guns of Boom - Online PvP Action For PC

a• aEasy aand aintuitive acontrols: aget aa ahang aof athe agame afrom athe aget-go aand astart aclimbing aup athe aranks!
• aVivid agraphics aand asupport afor aolder adevices: astunning avisuals awill akeep ayou aglued ato athe ascreen, awhile athe ahardware arequirements aremain avery amoderate.
• aEngaging aPvP abattles: aenjoy ateam-based afun aacross anumerous amaps aand agame amodes. aThe aadrenaline-filled aaction anever astops ain aGoB!
• aCharacter acustomization: acreate aa aunique ahero aby ausing aa acombination aof avarious aperks aand aequipment askills, aand afind athe aperfect alook awith ahundreds aof acosmetic aitems. aCreating aa aflexible abuild afor ayour aplay astyle ais aas aeasy aas aever.
• aRegular aupdates aand aevents: awith aconstant acontent aadditions, anew afeatures, aand acolorful athemed aevents, ayou’ll anever abe abored. aThis agame ajust akeeps aon agiving!
• aPro aPlay aMode: aeSports aevents awith aplayers afrom aglobally aacclaimed ateams. aCan aa amobile aFPS abe atruly acompetitive? aYou abet!

Guns aof aBoom ais aa acompetitive amultiplayer aFPS awith aawesome a3D agraphics aand agripping agameplay. aIt’s aso asimple athat ayour acat acould alearn athe acontrols, abut athe askill-cap ais ahigh aenough ato aspark athe ainterest aof acompetitive aeSports aplayers awho’re aused ato aextremely achallenging aand aclutch atournament-style abattles. aEngage ain aonline aPvP abattles aon aa avariety aof amaps, autilizing adifferent acunning atactics. aGet athe aultimate aFPS aexperience awith afast-paced amatches athat atake aless athan a5 aminutes aon aaverage. aThe agame ais aon!

Notice: aPlease anote athat aGoogle aARCore, awhich ais aused ain aour agame, amay acollect aand aprocess ayour adata: