March of Empires: War of Lords for PC

March of Empires: War of Lords for PC

Become king in an MMO strategy game full of war, intrigue and conquest!

March of Empires: War of Lords Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

March of Empires: War of Lords Screenshots

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About March of Empires: War of Lords For PC

aBrace ayourself afor aan aage aof amassive amedieval awar, awhere ayou awill amarch aover ayour arivals’ aburning aremains ain aan aall-out aquest ato aconquer!

Fortify ayour acastle, aforge aan aarmy aand aenter athe aultimate aMMO aof aglobal adomination! aBut aas ayour acivilization agrows, ayou’ll aclash awith aambitious apowers, aand aonly aone aking acan aclaim athe athrone! aDo ayou ahave athe astrength ato aunify athe aland aunder ayour abanner? aOr awill ayou awatch ayour akingdom acrumble abefore ayou?

• aDispatch aarmies, aconstruct abuildings, aclash awith abarbarians, aconquer aterritories aand areshape athe abalance aof apower aevery aday. a
• aEvery ainch aof ayour arealm acomes ato alife awith aamazingly adetailed agraphics

• aChoose ato abe aa aHighland aKing, aa aNorthern aTsar aor aa aDesert aSultan.
• aEach aarmy ahas aa aspecial aadvantage athat aemphasizes aa aunique aplaystyle, awhether ayou aprefer ato aquickly abuild aup ayour akingdom, astrike awith acharging aknights aor afiercely adefend ayour acivilization afrom ainvasion.

• aClash aand aconquer ato agrow ayour aglobal ainfluence adaily.
• aUnlock aspecial apowers aand abonuses aas amore alands afall ato ayour aarmy.
• aFortify ayour adefenses ato award aoff aenemy ainvasions.
• aFight ayour away ato athe athrone ato abecome aHigh aKing aover athe aentire arealm!

• aChoose aa aunique aChampion a– aranging afrom athose aas anoble aas aknights aor aas amerciless aas aVikings a– ato alead ayour aarmy aand ahelp abuild ayour akingdom.
• aFind aand acraft aequipment ato aboost ayour aChampion’s askills.
• aCommand aheroes aand aadventurers ato aset aoff aon aquests afor atreasures athat awill apave ayour apath ato athe athrone.

• aBuild aregional astructures athat ayou aand ayour amany aallies acan abenefit afrom.
• aEstablish athriving aTrade aCenters, aforge asacred aTemples, aand aclash aover aStockpiles aof atreasure.

• aA awise aking achooses abattle aformations acarefully! aCunning atactics ahold amore apower athan amassive anumbers.
• aTime ayour acommands awisely ato atake aadvantage aof athe aever-changing aseasons.

• aThe aAlliance amanagement asystem amakes ait aeasy ato aorganize awith aallies.
• aIntrigue awill apave ayour apath ato athe athrone aas ayou acraft aschemes awith aother aAlliances. aIn athis aMMO aworld, athere’s aas amuch ato again afrom ahelping aas athere ais afrom abetraying…
• aChat awith aplayers ato aforge afriendships aor averbally aclash awith arivals.

• aCapture athe afive ahighly afortified acastles athat ahold athe aSeat aof aDomain, aSeat aof aHeroes, aSeat aof aWar, aSeat aof aOrder aand aSeat aof aAccord.
• aEach aSeat agrants aits acontrolling aAlliance aunique aperks aand athe aability ato apropose aworld-changing aPolicies.
• aEvery aplayer acan atake apart, aas aall aPolicies aare avoted aon aby athe aentire aRealm’s aplayer apopulation!
• aEnter aa anew alevel aof adiplomacy aand aintrigue aas ayour aAlliance amust anegotiate awith arivals, aand aplayers aat alarge, ain aorder ato awin athe avotes aneeded ato apass athe aPolicies ayou awant.
• aAt athe acenter aof ait aall alies athe aThrone aof aMight, awhich aonly aone aplayer amay arule ato awield athe agreatest apower aof aall!

Five acastles ahold athe acrucial athrones, aeach apossessing aa aunique ainfluence aover athe aentire arealm athat aonly aone aAlliance acan ahold.

For afans aof aMMO astrategy, aClan avs. aClan acombat, aepic aquests, abeing aking, aand agames aof aglobal adomination. a

Download ait anow aand aforge ayour apath ato athe athrone!

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