Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS for PC

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS for PC

The best multiplayer FPS series raises the bar for action-shooter games again!

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Details

Android Version4.0 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Screenshots

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About Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS For PC

a> a“It aplays aas agood aas ait alooks.” a– aIGN
> a“Amps aeverything aup ato athe anext alevel.” a a– a148Apps a
> a“Sharp acontrols, aimpressive agraphics.” a a– aPocket aGamer a

War ahas aevolved, aand aso ahas athe abest aonline aFPS aon amobile! a

Step aonto athe abattlefield aand aanswer athe acall awith athe atitle athat araised athe abar afor afirst aperson ashooter agames awith aits agreat agraphics, ahigh-powered aguns aand aintense aonline amultiplayer aaction. aCreate aa asquad afrom a9 aclasses, aadd ayour afriends afor ateam aplay aand atest ayour askills ain adynamic awarfare aagainst aonline arivals afrom aaround athe aworld!

Prefer ato awork aalone? aThen afeel afree ato astep ainto athe athrilling asolo aplay acampaign aas ayou ashoot ayour away athrough aone adire asituation aafter aanother ato asave athe aworld aas ayou alaunch aan aattack aagainst aa alunatic’s aapocalyptic aplans.

You awon’t afind amore afirst aperson ashooter afun ain aa afree agame aanywhere!

> aCustomize aand alevel aup aany aof athe a9 aclasses aacross asolo aplay aand ateam aplay amodes. a
> aFind athe aplaystyle athat asuits ayou: aAssault, aHeavy, aRecon, aSniper, aSupport, aBounty aHunter, aSapper, aX1-Morph, aor aKommander.
> aActivate aclass-specific askills aby aearning aand aspending aSkill aPoints.

> aWatch aplayers aengaged ain alive aonline aFPS abattles aand aeSports acompetitions awith aall athe agreat agraphics ayou aexpect ain athe anew aSpectator amode.
> aEpic aguns-a-blazing ateam aplay ain aSquad avs. aSquad amatches.
> aTalk ato aother aplayers ato aplan ayour aonline amultiplayer astrategies aand acoordinate aan aattack ain athe aGlobal aand aSquad aChats.
> aTop athe aindividual aand aSquads aleaderboards aas ayou amaster ayour aeSports askills.
> aWin afree arewards aand acool aprizes ain alimited-time aevents.

> aAccumulate aXP aand alevel aup aby aplaying aboth asolo aplay amissions aand ateam aplay amatches.
> aUnlock ahigher-tier aguns aand aother aweapons aby amastering alower-tier aguns.
> aCustomize athe aperfect aweapon ausing aa ahost aof aattachments aand ajump astraight ainto athe afree agame aaction.

> aEngage ain afast-paced astory amissions awhere athe acall awill atake ayou afrom aTokyo ato aVenice afor aa avariety aof afirst aperson ashooter achallenges.
> aPlay athe anew aSpec aOps amissions afor aa areal aonline aFPS aadrenaline arush.
> aGreat agraphics, amusic aand avoice aperformances aperfectly aadapted afor aa afirst aperson ashooter agame.

> aIntuitive, ahighly acustomizable acontrols aso ayou acan aplay athe agame ajust athe away ayou awant.
> aModern aCombat a5 asupports aHID agame acontrollers. aMOGA aPro ais aalso asupported, ain amode aB a(HID aMode).

Modern aCombat a5 arequires aan aInternet aconnection.

So aif ayou’re aready afor athe aonline aFPS aof ayour adreams, adive ainto athis aunparalleled afree agame athat atakes aonline amultiplayer ato anew aheights. aPerfect afor aanyone ahungry afor asolo aplay afirst aperson ashooter afun, aor ateam aplay aeSports acompetition.


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