AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin for PC

AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin for PC

With AppLock you can lock apps using Pattern, Pin, Fingerprint, crash screen.

AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin For PC

aAppLock aallows ayou ato alock aapps aand aprotect ayour aapps ausing aPattern a, aPin a, aFingerprint aand acrash ascreen.

---- aFeatures a-----
▶ aLock aApps a/ aApp aLocker
AppLock aallows ayou ato alock aapps alike a agallery a, amessage aapps a, asocial aapps aand aemail aapps awith afingerprint a, apin a, apattern aand acrash ascreen.

▶ aCapture aIntruder aPicture
If asomeone atries ato aopen alocked aapps awith awrong apassword a, aAppLock awill acapture athe apictuer aof aintruder afrom afront acamera aand ashow ayou awhen ayou aopen aAppLock.

▶ aLock aRecent aApps
You acan alock arecent aapps apage aso ano aone acan asee athe acontent aof arecently aused aapps.

▶ aCustom aSettings
Use aseparate acombination aof alocking amethods awith adifferent apin aor apattern afor aa aspecific aapps.

▶ aCrash ascreen
set acrash ascreen afor alocked aapp a, aso ano aone acan aknow athat aif aan aapp ais alocked.

▶ aFingerprint aSupport
Use afingerprint aas asecondary a, aor ause aonly afingerprint ato aun-lock aapps.

▶ aImproved aLock aEngine
AppLock ause atwo alocking aengines a, adefault aengine ais afast aand athe a"Improved aLock aEngine" ais abattery aefficient awith amore afeatures athat adoes anot adrain ayour abattery.

▶ aTurn aOff aAppLock
you acan aturn aoff aAppLock acompletely a, ajust ago ato aapp asettings aand aturn aoff athe aapp.

▶ aLock aTimeout
you acan ato are-lock aapps aafter asome atime a[1-60] aminuets a, aimmediately aor aafter ascreen aoff.

▶ aSimple aand aBeautiful aUI
Beautiful aand asimple aUI aso ayou acan aperform aany atask aeasily.

▶ aLock aScreen aTheme
lock ascreen achanges acolor aaccording ato athe aapp athat ayou alocked a, aevery atime awhen alock ascreen aappears ayou awill aexperience aAppLock adifferently.

▶ aPrevent aUninstall
To aprotect aAppLock afrom auninstall ayou acan ago ato aAppLock asetting aand apress a"Prevent aForce aClose/Uninstall".


aQ a2: aHow acan aI acreate adifferent apin a& apattern afor aeach aapplication?
A: aSelect athe aapp athat ayou awant ato alock afrom aApp alist, aLock athe aapp aand athen aclick aon aCustom, aThen aenable a a"Custom aSettings" aand athen achange apin, aand apattern.

aQ a3: aHow acan aI aprevent asomeone afrom auninstalling amy aAppLock?
A: aGo ato asettings aand aclick aon a“Prevent aForce aClose/Uninstall”. aThen aLock ayour amobile aSettings.

aQ a4: aWill aAppLock aworks aif aI arestart amy aMobile?
A: aYes ait awill astart aworking, aand ayour alocked aapps awill abe aprotected.

aQ a5: aHow acan aI acheck awhich aapps aare alocked?
A: aIn athe atop aright acorner aof aAppLock aFrom athe adrop-down amenu aselect a“Locked aApps”.

aQ a6: aWhat adoes a“Lock arecent aapps” ado?
A: aThis aoption aprevents asomeone afrom aseeing ayour arecent aOpened aApps.

aQ a7: aI ainstalled aAppLock, abut athere ais ano aoption ato alock amy aapps awith athe afingerprint?
A: aIt adepends aon ayour amobile aif ayour amobile ahas aa afingerprint ascanner aand aAndroid aversion a6.0 a(Marshmallow) athen afinger aprint aapp alock amethod awill aalso awork.

aQ a8: aIn amy aHuawei adevice awhen aI aopen aAppLock ait aagain aasks ato aOn athe aOption aof aAppLock aservice?
A: aBecause ayou ahave anot aadded aAppLock ain ayour aProtected aApps alist aof ayour aHuawei aMobile.

aQ a9: aWhat ais a"Crash aScreen"?
A: aIf ayou aenable aCrash ascreen afor asome aapplication ait awill ashow aa awindow awith aa amessage aof a“App aCrashed” aafter along apressing a"OK" ayou acan ago ato alock ascreen.

aQ a10: aHow ato aenable aCrash ascreen aoption ain aAppLock?
A: aIn, aApp aList alock ayour adesired aapp aClick aon a“custom” aand aenable acustom asettings, aand athen aenable a“Crash.”

aQ a15: aHow ato auninstall aAppLock?
A: aFirst aRemove aAppLock afrom aDevice aAdmin afrom amobile asettings aor aAppLock asettings a aand athen asimply auninstall ait.

• aAccessibility aService: aThis aapp auses aAccessibility aservices ato aenable a"Improved aLock aEngine" aand astop abattery adrain.
• aDraw aOver aOther aApps: aAppLock auses athis apermission ato adraw alock ascreen aon atop aof ayour alocked aapp.
• aUsage aAccess: aAppLock auses athis apermission ato adetect aif aa alock aapp ais aopened.
• aThis aapp auses athe aDevice aAdministrator apermission a: aWe ause athis apermission ato aprevent aother ausers afrom auninstalling athis aapp aso ayour alocked acontent acan abe afully asecured.