Smashing Four for PC

Smashing Four for PC

Fight 1v1 real-time turn-based battles against players from around the world!

Smashing Four Details

Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Smashing Four For PC

aEnter athe aArena aand aget aready ato afight afierce a1v1 areal-time abattles aagainst aplayers afrom aaround athe aworld! aExperience aunique agameplay aand aan aoriginal atake aon a apool aphysics awith athis acard-collectible aPvP astrategy agame awhere aevery asmash acounts!
Win abattles, again atrophies, acollect arewards a& acards ato aunlock ayour aheroes' apowerful aabilities athat awill aturn athe aarena aupside adown aand asmash ayour aenemy ato apieces. aJoin aa aclan, ameet aother aSmashers aand asupport aeach aother aon ayour away ato athe atop aof athe aranks. aRule athe aworld aof aSmashing aFour atogether!

Prove ayour askill ain a1v1 aPvP! aExecute ayour astrategy ain adifferent aarenas! aSmash ayour away ato athe avictory!

Have aa asmashing atime!

New ahero a– aIce aQueen
New aArena a- aSpike-Ball aArena

PvP, areal-time, aturn-based, acard-collectible astrategy
Duel aplayers afrom aall aaround athe aworld ain achallenging aarenas
Win abattles ato aearn arewards
Collect acards ato aunlock anew aheroes a& aupgrade athem ato aunleash atheir aunique aabilities
Smash ayour aopponents ain athe aarena aand afight ayour away aup ato athe atop aof athe aranks a
Get aall aheroes aavailable a& aget aready afor anew aarrivals
Fight ain athe achallenging aenvironments aof a7 agame-changing aArenas
Create ayour aown aClan aor ajoin aan aexisting aone
Share acards, achat aand achallenge ayour aclanmates ain afriendly abattles a

Stay atuned afor athe anewest adevelopments aby afollowing aus aon a... a
Reddit a-> a a
Facebook afan apage a-> a

Be athe afirst ato aknow aabout athe alatest anews aregarding aSmashing aFour's adevelopment
Learn ain adetail aabout athe alatest aand aupcoming aupdates, abug afixes aand abalance achanges
Discuss astrategies aand aget asome atips a& atricks afrom amore aexperienced aplayers
Share ayour athoughts aand asuggestions awith athe aSmashing aFour ateam a& aget aa aresponse
Enjoy adiscussing ayour aideas aand aexperiences awith aother aplayers a
Have afun awith aplayer-made acontent asuch aas aawesome agameplay avideos aor afan aart a
Find anew afriends, aclans, aand asocialize awith aother aplayers

A anetwork aconnection ais arequired.

Smashing aFour ais aa afree ato aplay agame aand aas asuch ait adoesn't arequire ayou ato aspend aany amoney ato afully aenjoy. aHowever, ait ais apossible ato abuy agame acurrency aor aspecial aoffers ausing areal amoney avia ain-app apurchases. aCurrency acan abe aused ato aacquire aproducts asuch aas aCoins, aHero acards aor aOrbs athat amay ahelp ayou aprogress afaster. aThis adoes anot aensure avictories ain abattles. aWe ado anot asupport a'pay ato awin' amechanics.