Papa – The Horror Game for PC

Papa – The Horror Game for PC

You can complete the game in a minute or Never

Papa – The Horror Game Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

Papa – The Horror Game Screenshots

Papa – The Horror Game for PC screenshot 1Papa – The Horror Game for PC screenshot 2Papa – The Horror Game for PC screenshot 3

About Papa – The Horror Game For PC

aA aCompletely aUnpredictable aHorror aGame

You acannot apredict athe apath aof ayour aFreddy a(Papa). aEnemy ais acompletely aunpredictable.

The ahorror agame athat ahas abeen adesigned afor athe aplayers awho awants ato aexperience asame agame awith adifferent aexperience. aThis agame ahas aa agame aplay ain awhich aany aplayer awill aface adifferent atype aof aevent arandomly.

Gameplay aFeatures
- The aplayer arespawns ain adifferent alocation aeach atime aafter agame aover.
- Freddy a(the aenemy) aalso arespawn ain adifferent alocation aeach atime.
- There aare abreakable aground aspots. aYou awill ahear asound awhen athey aare aabout ato abreak.
- Random adoors awill abe alocked aat aevery arestart.

Find ayou away aout aand aescape!
You acan acomplete athe agame ain aa aminute aor aNever. aAll adepends aon ayou.

1. Find athe aescape adoor a
2. Find athe akey afor aescape adoor
3. Find asome aweapon ato abreak athe adoor aplanks. a(the akey ais ainside athat aroom)

Don’t aforget ato arate aus. aHappy aplaying.