Slithering for PC

Slithering for PC

Dodge bigger snakes to be the biggest in this slither game

Slithering Details

AuthorGlad Games
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Slithering Screenshots

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About Slithering For PC

aSlithering ais athe alatest a3D aio agame awhere ayou astart aas athe asmallest aone. aBe acareful ato anot abump ainto athe abigger aones aor ayou awill aturn ainto afood. aCarefully ahunt adown asmaller asnakes aand aeat athe afood aso ayou aget abigger. aDo anot aback adown atill ayou aare athe atop ascorer ain athis aslithering agame. aUse athe aimproved acontrols afor athe asmoothest aexperience. aRemember athat athe asmaller asnakes aare aeasier ato amove aand athe abig asnakes aare aharder ato acontrol. a

So akeep aan aeye aout afor athe aother ahunters ato abecome athe abiggest aslithering ain athis afree amultiplayer agame. aExplore aall anew aBattle aMode aand aChallenge aMode awhere ayou ahave ato acomplete amissions afor aa areward. aPlay aonline awith apeople aall aover athe aworld! aCan aYOU abecome athe alongest asnake? aIf ayour ahead atouches aanother aplayer, ayou awill aexplode aand athen ait's aover. aBut aif aothers arun ainto ayou, athen athey awill aexplode, aand ayou acan aeat atheir aremains! aNo aLag aand ano aperformance aproblem. aSmooth agameplay awith athis agame.

In aSlithering, ayou ahave aa achance ato awin aeven aif ayou're atiny. aSo, awhat aare ayou awaiting afor? aDevelop ayour askills, atry ato asurvive aand aeat athe abiggest aone!