Google Play Games for PC

Google Play Games for PC

Play great games, and earn achievements and high scores.

Google Play Games Details

AuthorGoogle LLC
Version5.14.7825 (224833494.224833494-000306)
Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingTeen

Google Play Games Screenshots

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About Google Play Games For PC

aGames aare amore afun awith athe aGoogle aPlay aGames aapp. aDiscover ayour anew afavorite agame, athen achallenge ayour afriends aand atrack ayour aachievements. aAs ayou amaster amore agames, ashow aoff ayour askills ain ayour agamer aprofile. aPlus, ayou acan apick aup awhere ayou aleft aoff afrom aany adevice. aPlay athe aworld, aanywhere ain athe aworld, aall afrom aone aplace.

• aGamer aprofile: aCreate ayour acustom aGamer aID, aearn aXP, aand alevel aup aas ayou amaster agames aacross aGoogle aPlay.
• aAchievements a& aleaderboards: aComplete achallenges, aearn aawards, aand atrack athem aall aright afrom athe aapp. aThen, asee ahow ayou astack aup aagainst aother aplayers.
• aBuilt-in aGoogle agames: aPlay aPAC-MAN, aSolitaire, aSnake, aand aCricket a— aeven awhen aoffline.
• aArcade: aFind asomething afun ain aour aNew, aTrending, aand aEditors' aChoice acollections.
• aGameplay arecording*: aEasily arecord aand ashare ayour abest agaming amoments afrom ayour afavorite amobile agames.

* aOnly aavailable ain acertain acountries