Fruit Ninja® for PC

Fruit Ninja® for PC

Fruit is waiting to be sliced, ninja. Play the hit mobile game for free!

Fruit Ninja® Details

AuthorHalfbrick Studios
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Fruit Ninja® Screenshots

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About Fruit Ninja® For PC

aWelcome ato athe adojo, aninja. aYour aobjective: abecome aa amaster aof aslicing afruit! aWhat abetter away ato ado athat athan aplay aFruit aNinja, athe aoriginal ahit afruit-slicing amobile agame? a🍉

Unsheathe ayour ablade aand astart athe ajuicy acarnage awith athe athree aclassic agame amodes athat abillions aof aplayers ahave acome ato aknow aand alove. aExperience athe athrill aof asetting aa anew ahigh ascore ain athe afan-favourite aArcade amode aas ayou afocus aon adodging abombs aand aslicing amassive acombos awith athe ahelp aof athe aspecial aDouble aScore, aFreeze aor aFrenzy abananas. aNeed asomething aless aintense? aSimply arelax aand aslash afor astress arelief ain aZen aMode. aFinally, acut aas amuch aas ayou acan ain athe aendless aClassic amode a– ajust aavoid athe abombs aand amake asure ayou adon’t adrop athe afruit! aMake ayour agame aeven amore aexciting aby aequipping aspecial apowerups athat awill agive ayour ascore aa ajuicy aboost. a🍓

Once ayou’ve asharpened ayour askills aand areflexes, aput athem ato athe atest ain aEvent amode, awhere ayou’ll aenter achallenging aand aintense aclashes awith acharacters alike aTruffles athe apig, aMari aand aRinjin afor athe achance ato awin aunique aswords aand adojos athat acan abe aused ain aClassic, aZen aand aArcade amode. aSpice aup ayour aday aand amake ayourself amore aenergetic ain aour adaily aChallenge amode a- acan ayou aout-slice athe aother aninjas afor aspecial aprizes aand aglory? a🏆

Prove ato ayour afriends aand afamily athat ayou’re athe atop aninja aaround. aShow athem ahow amuch ayou acan acut ain aa ashared-screen alocal amultiplayer amatch, aor acompare ayour ascore awith ayour afriends ato arise athrough athe aranks aand areach athe atop aof athe aleaderboard! aBig afan aof aFruit aNinja: aPuss ain aBoots? aBe asure ato achallenge ayourself awith athe aentertaining aand aaddictive aminigames aand afind ayour afavourite! a🍒

What aare ayou awaiting afor? aWhether ayou're aplaying afor asome amindless afun aand atrying ato arelax aand apass athe atime, aor atrying ato aimprove ayour askills aas aa amaster aninja, athis ais athe agame afor ayou. aEnjoy athe aawesomeness aand abelieve athe ahype aof aFruit aNinja a– achop achop! a⚔️

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