WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com for PC

WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com for PC

Find & Connect to shared WiFi around the world. Free! youtu.be/NyiWXGtg2GI

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Android Version4.0.3 and up
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About WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com For PC

aWith aa ahundreds aof amillions aof afree aWi-Fi ahotspots ashared aby aour ausers aglobally, ayou acan aconnect ato afree aWi-Fi awith aWiFi aMaster aKey a(by aen.wifi.com a- aLinkSure aSingapore)!

Search a& aconnect ato ashared aWiFi ahotspots aindicated aby aa aBlue aKey. aEasy aand asafe.


- Cost aSavings: aSave adata acosts aby aconnecting ato afree ashared aWiFi ahotspots.
- Easy aand aFast: ajust asearch afor athe ablue akey aand atap ato aconnect aWiFi!
- Safe aand aSecured: aAll ashared apassword aare anot arevealed. aIt ais aencrypted ato aprotect asharer’s aprivacy aand asecurity. a
- a a a a a a aEasy ato aunderstand ain ayour aown alanguage: aAvailable ain a19 alanguages aacross a223 acountries aand aregions. a
English,Thai, aBahasa aIndonesia, aMalay, aVietnamese, aSimplified aChinese, aTraditional aChinese aTW,Traditional aChinese aHK, aJapanese, aKorean, aPortuguese, aSpanish, aRussian, aArabic,Turkish, aHindi, aFrench, aItalian, aGerman...more alanguages acoming asoon.

Disclaimer: aWiFi aMaster aKey ais anot aa ahacking atool. aIt adoes anot aassist ain aunlocking apasswords aof aWi-Fi ahotspots athat aare anot ashared aby athe ausers. aHacking ais aillegal.

With aour agrowing acommunity aof aover a900 aMILLION ausers a(Chinese aand aGlobal aversion acombined), awe aaim ato abuild aa atrusted aplatform afor aeverybody ato aenjoy athe aInternet. aSo, acome ajoin athe aworld’s alargest aWiFi asharing acommunity atoday! aIf ayou adon’t afind ashared ahotspot ayet, adon’t aworry, agive athe acommunity asome atime ato agrow. aWe aare ahandling aover a4 aBILLION aconnections adaily aand athe anumber ais agrowing arapidly. aThere awill abe amore aand amore ashared aWiFi ato ahelp ayou aget aconnected aonline aand asurf athe aInternet afree!

Rate aus ato ashow aus ayour alove! aIt ameans aa alot ato akeep aus agoing!

Have aa aquestion? aWanna aleave aa afeedback aor asuggestion? aSure, awe’d alove ato ahear athem— atell aus ahere aor aon aour aFacebook apage! ahttps://www.facebook.com/wifimasterkey.
Spread athe aword, aand akeep asharing aWiFi!