Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG for PC

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG for PC

Wage MMORPG battles and conquer kingdoms to create an empire and win the war!

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG Details

Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingTeen

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG Screenshots

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About Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG For PC

aThe aworld ais amuch achanged aafter athe afirst aemperor's adeath. aDriven aby atheir aambition aand agreed, aLords aseek apower aand ashatter athe apeace athat aonce areigned. aThe aLand ahas abeen asplit ainto amyriad aclashing akingdoms, amany adeclaring athemselves athe arightful aheirs ato athe athrone. aCountless amonsters ahave arisen afrom athe adepths ato awreak ahavoc aacross athe abattle-scarred alands. aThe aendless aking awars afor aglory aand apower ahave abegun, aand athe atime afor aa abattle ahero ato arise aup ahas acome...
Explore athe aexotic amagical alands aof aLORDS aMOBILE, awhich ahave abeen athrown ainto awar aand achaos aby aterrifying amonsters, apowerful awarlords, aand acunning aenemies. aRestore athe abalance aof apower ain athis aRPG aconquering agame aby acreating athe agreatest acastle aempire aever! aRecruit asoldiers, aheroes aand awarlords, aforge aalliances aand afight afor avictory! aDefeat ayour afoes aand aconquer aand aexpand ayour akingdom's aterritory ain athese abattle agames! aFight ayour away athrough amany aepic abattles aand aestablish ayourself aas aone aof athe aworld's agreatest awarlords ain athis areal-time astrategy awar aand amobile aMMORPG aempire agame!
a☆ aOpen-World aKingdom aMMORPG: aBuild aand aConquer ato aCreate aa aMighty aEmpire a☆
aExplore, aconquer, aand aclash ain athe aarena awith aother aplayers ain athis aMMO ain aorder ato asave ayour acastle aand aachieve avictory! aJoin aa aguild aand abattle amillions aof aplayers ain aan aopen aworld aon aa amobile aplatform!
a☆ aDefend aYour aKingdom's aTerritory a☆
aSecure ayour abattle atroops aand awar aheroes, afight aa adragon, adefeat ayour awarlords' aopponents, aand adefend ayour aempire's acastle afrom adestruction aat aany acost ato aachieve avictory. aA aperfect awar astrategy arequires aan ainvulnerable adefense!
a☆ aFind aFriends aand aClash! a☆
aFight aand aattack awith ayour akingdom's aallies aand atactics, aand aride ainto athis aepic amultiplayer abattle aas aa aguild ato acrush ayour aenemy ain aa amobile aMMORPG!
a☆ aRule aas aEmperor aof athe aWarlords a☆
aEmerge avictorious ain aa aMMO amultiplayer astrategy abattle aroyale afor athe akingdom, aand aclaim athe athrone ain athis aempire agame! aWill ayour alegacy aas aa aconqueror aand aemperor abe ajust aor acruel?
a☆ aClash awith aPowerful aHeroes a☆
aRecruit aand aupgrade ayour awar aheroes aand akings awith alegendary askills ato aclash ain athe abattle aarena! aLet athem aattack, aconquer aenemy akingdoms, afight afor avictory, aand amatch athem ato acomplete aan aRPG acampaign!
a☆ aMaster aYour aWar aStrategy aas aan aEmperor a☆
aPlan ayour atactics afor athe abattles aahead! aUse adifferent aarmy alineups aand aperfect ayour amultiplayer abattle astrategy afor acounterattacks! aDiscover athe abest away ato aconquer aenemy awarlords ain athis amobile awar aMMORPG! a
a☆ aEpic aMultiplayer aBattles: aDifferent aTroop aTypes a☆
aLead ayour awarriors aand asoldiers aas aking-emperor ain athese aclan awars! aChoose athe atype aof atroops aand asurvive athe abattle aarena: ainfantry, acavalry, aarchers, asiege, aor aa amix!
a☆ aSwitch aKingdoms a☆
aEstablish ayour aempire aon anew alands aby amoving ato aany aserver ayou awant awith aa asimple atap ain athis acombat awar astrategy aand akingdom aMMORPG!
a☆ aChoose aYour aBattle aPath: aFight aor aTrade a☆
aCreate aan aeconomic aempire abased aon atrade, atreasures, aand aalliances awith afriends, aor abecome aan aoffensive aplayer athat aattacks aand aconquers aenemy akingdoms! aWill ayou aliberate aprisoners aof awar? aOr awill ayour aarmy acrumble ato adust? aIt's aall aabout aplanning ayour abattle astrategy aand awarfare atactics! aNo akingdom acan astand ain ayour away ain athis avillage abuilder aand abattle agame!
aGather ayour amilitary aallies aand amake ause aof adifferent atactics aon athe abattlefield ato aachieve avictory ain aLORDS aMOBILE, aa amultiplayer awar astrategy aRPG. aAttack aand aconquer anew aterritory, aplan ayour abattle astrategy awith ayour aheroes aand awarlords, aand abuild aan aepic aempire!
aYour akingdom aawaits. aAre ayou aready afor athe alegendary ashowdown ain athis aMMORPG achallenge?
aFacebook: ahttps://www.facebook.com/LordsMobile