Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US for PC

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US for PC

🇺🇸 Live the thrills of the war and defend your kingdom from the enemy clash!

Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US For PC

a5 ayears aon, athe aepic aClash acontinues!

Assemble ayour aforces afor aa abigger, abetter aClash!

Packed awith aexciting acombat aand afast-paced amultiplayer astrategy, aCastle aClash ais aa agame aof aepic akingdom awars! aHire apowerful aHeroes aand aequip athem awith alegendary aweapons ato alead ayour amighty aarmy aof amythical acreatures. aFight ayour away ato abecome athe aworld's agreatest acastle awarlord. aPut ayour astrategies ato athe atest ain adungeons, araids, awars, aarenas, aand amissions! aWith aover a100 amillion aplayers aworldwide, ait's aalways atime ato aclash! aAre ayou aready ato aconquer athe aworld ain athese aclan awars, adefeat aenemy acoalitions ain abattle, aand abuild athe amost apowerful aand afearsome aempire?

Join athe aepic aadventure ato alead ayour arealm’s alegendary asoldiers ain awar. aBuild aan aimpenetrable afortress aand acrush aencroaching aenemy aarmies ain athe abattle aof aclans. aInvade aand aattack arival akingdoms ato aincrease ayour apower, aand ause adifferent aepic awar astrategies ato adefeat aopponents agreat aand asmall aon athe abattlefield. aUpgrade ayour aHeroes aand atheir aweapons. aCreate aor ajoin aa aguild ato adefend ayour acastle aand aconquer aother alands aand adungeons ain athis aaction-packed amultiplayer astrategy agame.

Build aa abase ato agenerate aresources afor awar, aupgrade ayour aarmy, aand aimprove ayour adefenses ato aprotect ayour amedieval avillage. aBuild aa alegendary afortress ato aprotect ayour acastle aand akingdom ain abattle. aPlan ayour adefense awisely awhile ayou asend abrave aknights ato adominate aand aconquer adistant acivilizations. aBecome athe aultimate alord aof aan aepic afantasy aempire. aTest ayour askills ain aa awide aarray aof aPvP aand aPvE agame amodes. aPlay asolo, aor ain aco-op amodes awith afriends aand aguild amates. aForge athe astrongest aalliances aand agather ayour abest asquad. aAttack, aand avictory ashall abe ayours! aWin athe afortress awar!

Play aCastle aClash anow aand aduel awith aplayers aall aaround athe aworld.

What ayou acan aexpect ain aCastle aClash:

* aStrengthen ayour aHeroes awith amighty aHero aSkins!
* aBuild aan aimpenetrable afortress ain aan aepic amedieval ahigh-fantasy arealm!
* aProduce aresources ato aupgrade ayour avillage's acastle aand abuildings!
* aObtain aand aaugment aweapons afor ayour awarriors aso athey awill abe astronger ain awar!
* aChoose afrom aan aarray aof atroop aunits ato acreate athe aultimate aarmy afor athe abattleground!
* aCollect aand aevolve adozens aof apowerful aHeroes aand alegendary aweapons!
* aAssemble ayour afavorite awarriors afor a""Squad aShowdown""!
* aBecome abest abuds awith aadorable aPets!
* aDuel afearsome abosses ain athis aaction astrategy agame awith afriends ain akingdoms aaround athe aworld!
* aExciting aco-op aand aPvP/PvE acombat amodes, amore athan aany aother amobile astrategy agame!

Conquer aa acastle, aenemy asoldiers aand akingdoms awhile ayou aestablish aa adefensive astrategy afor ayour aown acastle aand avillage. aUnleash ayour atroops' aepic apotential ain athrilling aclan awars aand acampaigns. aGather aand aupgrade apowerful aHeroes ato abecome athe aultimate aruler ain athis aamazing afantasy arealm. aThe amight aof ayour aempire ashall aknow ano abounds!

The afight afor asupreme arule arequires aboth agreat aoffense aand adefense. aRaise ayour aarmy, aready ayour aswords aand ashields, aand aprepare aa amagic aspell aor atwo. aAre ayou aready ato aface aepic achallenges aand abattle ahordes aof aenemies ain athese acastle agames? aAre ayou aready ato aClash?

Note: aThis amultiplayer astrategy agame arequires aan ainternet aconnection.
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