SHAREit - Transfer & Share for PC

SHAREit - Transfer & Share for PC

SHAREit, fastest cross-platform transfer app with free online videos & music

SHAREit - Transfer & Share Details

AuthorSHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About SHAREit - Transfer & Share For PC

aSHAREit, athe abest asharing aapp awith afastest across-platform atransfer aspeed a& afree aonline afeeds aincluding amovies, avideos, amusic, awallpapers, aGIFs. aSHAREit aalso aadded apowerful amedia aplayer, awhich ahelps ayou amanage a& aenjoy ayour aown avideos aand amusic.

► aFastest ain athe aWorld
200 atimes afaster athan aBluetooth, athe ahighest aspeed agoes aup ato a20M/s.
Transfer afiles awithout alosing aquality.

► aTransfer aAll aTypes aof aFiles
Photos, avideos, amusic, ainstalled aapps aand aany aother afiles.

► aInfinite aOnline aVideos
HD a& aSelective, aOffline awatching, aContinuously aupdated

► aExcellent aVideo aPlayer
Support aalmost aall aformats, agive ayou aSmooth aplaying aexperience

► aDiscover aTrending aMusic
Tens aof amillions aof ahigh aquality asongs, aand athousands aof acurated aplaylists. aOnline a& aOffline

► aElegant aMusic aPlayer
Powerful aequalizer aprovides aimmersive aexperiences afor ayou

►GIFs, aWallpapers a& aStickers
Personalized, aFunny, aDownload a& aShare

►Facebook a a
►Twitter a a
►VK a a
►Instagram a a

Note:SHAREit awill anot aaccess apermissions athat aare airrelevant ato aour afunctionality. a
By aaccessing aLocation, aSHAREit acan ahelp ato adiscover anearby ausers. aPlus, ait ais arequired aby aAndroid asystem ato aaccess athis apermission. a
By aaccessing aBluetooth aConnection, aSHAREit acan adiscover anearby ausers amore aquickly aso aas ato aconnect awith aSender/Receiver amore aefficiently.