Bangla Newspaper – Prothom Alo for PC

Bangla Newspaper – Prothom Alo for PC

Prothom Alo app provides latest news update on the go

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CategoryNews & Magazines
AuthorProthom Alo
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Bangla Newspaper – Prothom Alo For PC

aProthom aAlo ais athe alargest aBangla anewspaper afrom aDhaka a(Bangladesh). aThis ais athe aofficial aapp aof aProthom aAlo afor aAndroid ausers ato aprovide aits areaders awith aBangla anews aon athe ago.

This aapp afor aBangla anews afrom athe amost arespected aBangla anewspaper akeeps ayou aupdated awith athe alatest ahappenings ain aall aover aBangladesh. aIt aallows ayou ato areplicate aon athe ago athe asame aexperience ayou aget aon athe awebsite aof athis aBangla anewspaper aby aproviding ayou anews aof athe alatest ahappenings ain aBangladesh.

Features aof athis aapp:
• aAll athe alatest anews, afeatures, amost-read anews afrom aProthom aAlo
• aLatest a& aMost aRead aNews. aKeep aon atop aof apopular astories aacross aProthom aAlo, aregularly aupdated athroughout athe aday a
• aVideo agallery
• aPush anotifications afor abreaking anews astories
• aPhoto agalleries aand afull-screen aimages a
• aLogin aoption
• aComment aon aa aparticular anews
• aShare anews aon adifferent asocial amedia achannels a

Install athe aapp anow aand aget athe aexperience aof athe amost atrusted aBangla anewspaper aon ayour aAndroid adevice.

Prothom aAlo ais athe aBangla anewspaper aof athe aMediastar aLtd. aand ais apublished afrom aDhaka.

Note: aThis aapp afeatures acontent afrom aBangla asection aonly.