Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC

Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC

It's Bubble Bouncing Magic

Bubble Witch 2 Saga Details

Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

Bubble Witch 2 Saga Screenshots

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About Bubble Witch 2 Saga For PC

aFrom athe amakers aof aCandy aCrush aSaga, aBubble aWitch aSaga a& aFarm aHeroes aSaga acomes aBubble aWitch a2 aSaga!

Stella aand aher acats aneed ayour ahelp ato afend aoff athe adark aspirits athat aare aplaguing atheir aland. aTravel athe arealm abursting aas amany abubbles aas ayou acan ain athis aexciting abubble ashooting apuzzle aadventure. aWin alevels aand afree aWitch aCountry apiece aby apiece. aPlay athis aepic asaga aalone aor awith afriends ato asee awho acan aget athe ahighest ascore!

Bubble aWitch a2 aSaga ais acompletely afree ato aplay abut asome aoptional ain-game aitems awill arequire apayment.

By adownloading athis agame ayou aare aagreeing ato aour aterms aof aservice; ahttp://about.king.com/consumer-terms/terms

Bubble aWitch a2 aSaga afeatures:
• aThe anext aexciting ainstalment ato athe aBubble aWitch afranchise a
• aNew aand aimproved agame amodes
• aEnchanting agraphics athat awill aleave ayou aspellbound
• aHundreds aof amagical abubble ashooting alevels a– amore aadded aevery a2 aweeks!
• aEasily async athe agame abetween adevices awhen aconnected  ato athe aInternet
• aLeaderboards ato awatch ayour afriends aand acompetitors!
• aCollect astars ato aunlock aspecial aitems ato ahelp ayou aon ayour aquest a
• aSpecial aboosters a& abubbles ato ahelp ayou apass athose atricky alevels
• aFree a& aeasy ato aplay, achallenging ato amaster!

Visit ahttps://care.king.com/ aor acontact aus ain agame aby agoing ato aSettings a> aCustomer aCare aif ayou aneed ahelp!

Follow aus ato aget anews aand aupdates;
Twitter [email protected]

Have afun aplaying aBubble aWitch a2 aSaga!