FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) for PC

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) for PC

The fastest and best mobile shooter available.

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Details

Android Version5.0 and up
Content RatingTeen

FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) Screenshots

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About FPS.io (Fast-Play Shooter) For PC

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Pixel astyle acharacter's abattle

Experience athe avariety aof aweapons aand aunlimited abattles!
Defeat aopponents ato abecome athe achampion aof athe aunlimited abattles afor aeach aseason.

● aCompete awith aplayers aworldwide ain areal-time
● aExperience athe abest acontrols aof amobile ashooters
● aFight aagainst aaction afigures awith aunique aabilities
● aPerform astrategic apower-ups awith aexperience aacquired ain abattles
● aChallenge athe achampion aand abecome athe atop ain aseasonal arankings!
● aPlay anew aheroes awith aspecial askills aadded aevery aseason
● aUpgrade aand amake athe aaction afigures amore apowerful

Play anow!
Great afor athose awho alike aFPS, abut aare atired aof abattle aroyale agames.

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Official aCommunity a: ahttps://forum.playnanoo.com/fps
Support a: ahttps://forum.playnanoo.com/fps/help