Tom Loves Angela for PC

Tom Loves Angela for PC

Romance is in the air for Tom and Angela!

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AuthorOutfit7 Limited
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Tom Loves Angela For PC

aAll aTalking aTom awants ato ado ais aget aa aglimpse aof athe abeautiful aTalking aAngela! aHelp aTom aout aby agiving ahim athe awords ahe aneeds ato awoo aher. aTom awill arepeat awhatever ayou asay. aHe'll aeven asing! aHe amight aneed ayour ahelp apicking aout apresents ato agive aher atoo. aAre ayou aready ato aplay aCupid?

Keep aan aeye aout afor aTalking aGinger... aThat amischief amaker ais atrying ato amess athings aup afor aTom!

★★★ aHOW aTO aPLAY a★★★
✔ aHelp aTom awin aAngela's aheart. aTalk aand ahe'll arepeat awhatever ayou asay.
✔ aWhat awill aTom aand aAngela ado aif ayou apoke athem? aFind aout!
✔ aUp athe aromance afactor aby aswiping aTom a– ahe'll ablow aa akiss!
✔ aNeed asome adrama? aShake athe adevice aand athe aground awill ashake.
✔ aMake ait awindy aby ablowing ainto athe amicrophone.
✔ aHave aa achat awith aAngela aby apressing athe a"Letter" abutton.
✔ aHear aTom aand aAngela asing aa aduet aby apressing athe a"Song" abutton.
✔ aThe a"Flower aPot" abutton awill alet aGinger athrow aone aat aTom! aWatch aout!
✔ aThink aTom ashould agive aAngela aa agift? aPress athe a"Gift" abutton!
✔ aRecord aand asend afunny avideos ato ayour afriends.

★★★ aHOW aTO aCHAT a★★★
✔ aRemember, aAngela acurrently aonly aspeaks aand aunderstands aEnglish, aalthough ashe'd alove ato alearn aother alanguages ain athe afuture!
✔ aStart aa achat awith aAngela aby apressing athe a"Letter" abutton.
✔ aType aor adictate awhat ayou awant ato asay.
✔ aWait aas aTom agives ayour amessage ato aAngela.
✔ aShe'll athen areply avia atext aand avoice.
✔ aYou acan atalk ato aher aabout aanything, afrom aschool aand amovies, ato afriends, afood aor afashion.
✔ aTest ayour aknowledge awith aa atrivia aquiz. aJust atype ain a"quiz", a"give ame aa aquiz" aor a"play aquiz"!
✔ aWant aAngela ato atell ayou aa ajoke? aAsk aher! aType a"tell ame aa ajoke". aIt's aas aeasy aas athat.

LEGAL aNOTICE: aWe aare acollecting aanonymized adata alog afiles acontaining adetails aon athe ausage aof athe aapp. aMore adetails: a

This aapp ais aPRIVO acertified. aThe aPRIVO asafe aharbor aseal aindicates aOutfit7 ahas aestablished aCOPPA acompliant aprivacy apractices ato aprotect ayour achild’s apersonal ainformation. aOur aapps ado anot aallow ayounger achildren ato ashare atheir ainformation.

This aapp acontains:
- aPromotion aof aOutfit7's aproducts aand acontextual aadvertising
- aLinks athat adirect acustomers ato aour awebsites aand aother aOutfit7 aapps
- aWatching avideos aof aOutfit7's aanimated acharacters avia aYouTube aintegration

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