Paichu : Pika Fight for PC

Paichu : Pika Fight for PC

PiKa fight is a street game that allows you to fight against other pokems

Paichu : Pika Fight Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Paichu : Pika Fight Screenshots

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About Paichu : Pika Fight For PC

aPaichu a: aPika‍chu aAnd aRai‍chu afight ais aa aclassic afree afighting apoke‍mon alet's ago agame. aLet's ago aPika‍chu aAnd aRai‍chu abrings ayou athe aoriginal afighting a
experience. a
Fun aand aaddictive abeat'em'up agame awith arealistic aphysics aand ahardcore agameplay. aWith asimple acontrols ayou acan aperform aamazing a
stunts aand ablows ato adefeat ayour aopponents ain athis afree agames.

Raichu‍ ais athe anext alevel aof aPikachu‍ aand athey aare afriends anow, aso athey amust afight afor aa areal apokemon‍ afight.

Tthis agame adelivers asweet aarcade anostalgia ato ayou. aChallenge ayourself ain athis aaddictive, aeasy ato ause, aold-school aarcade aFTG agame.

Features aof araichu‍ aand apikachu‍ aFight a:
• aSuitable afor aall aages aand afor apokemon‍ agames afans
• aA alot aof ahidden aobject agames
• aMultiple alevels aand arings
• aUnique acombo asystem
• aSmooth aand aeasy acontrols aof athe apokedex‍
• aUltimate akilling asound
• aMultiple acharacters alike acharmande‍r, asnoralx‍, a apichu‍ aand araichu‍

How ato aplay apokemon afight awith ayour apokemon‍ afigures a:
• aUse acontrol apad afor amovement
• aA ato apunch
• aB ato akick
• aC ato amake aa ashield
• aZ ato ajump

Get arid aof amobs ausing ayour askills aand aabilities. aCombine akung afu, aboxing aand akarate askills ain athis astreet aarcade agame a
to astop acrime ain acity!
Become abest afighter awith ause aof aproper acombos aand aabilities.
Use apunches aand akicks awith acombination aof adevastating aweapons ato adefeat aevery aenemy aon ayour away!

If ayou alike athis agame aplease atake aa amoment a& arate aus. aYour aratings ainspire aus aimproving athe agame aplay.