Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars for PC

Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars for PC

Join this super mechs! Control your war robots to be real steel mech warrior

Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars Details

AuthorProficient City Limited
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars Screenshots

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About Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars For PC

aThis aturnbased aand asrpg, aRobot aTactics, ahas abeen aglobally afeatured aby aGoogle aPlay! aThis amecha a& aanime agame ahas abeen afeatured aonly a1 amonth aafter ait's aofficial alaunch!
A ahundred ayears aago, aon aSunset aLand acosmos, amech awars arose abetween athe ahigh atechnology acountry athe aUnited aStates aof aHonir aand athe amagic acountry aPaz aKings aUnion. aThe arobot awars arages aon astill atoday, amadness adestroyer astealing acountless aof asoldier aand amech awarriors' alives aand adestroying athe aworld aas awe aknow ait.
A agroup aof airon aforce amercenaries athat arose ato afame aafter awinning aa afew adifficult alegion awar aby ausing aarmor awar arobots, abanded atogether aand acreated athe a“Vera aMercenary” aand adecided ato aend athe arobot awars. aIn athis agame, aplayers awill aact aas apart aof athis afate aelite amercenary asquad aand awill alook afor athe abest apeople ato ajoin athem ain athis asquad aof awar arobots afor apeace, aincluding airon aforce, aroblox, afft aand afgo, ajust alike athe awell-known agubdam, aZoid, araijin, awhiplash, ahawken, adawn aof asteel, avandal, asaint aseiya aand aclash aof arobots.
Robot aTactics ais aa atactical aand areal-time asrpg amech agame. aIt aputs atogether aseveral afactors alike aRPG astoryline, arobot abattle, acard acollection, aarmor aequipment aand asocial ainteraction awith aa aunique aturn-based astrategy asuper amechs. aPlayers awill afeel aimmersed ain athis amech agame awith aits aincredible abattle amodes aof arobots awar aand acountless astrategies aand atactics aof arobot abattle. aThe aopen awar arobots asystem ato adesign athe abattle aboards aof athis amech agame ais ajust aone aof aits amany aexclusive acharacteristics. aBesides athe ainteresting amain aplot aand adifferent asub-plots, aplayers awill abe aable ato ainteract awith aother aplayers afrom aall aover athe acosmos aworld ain aPVP arobot abattle/mech abattle, acooperation atasks aand afull ascale aserver awar. aPlayers awill aalso afind aincredible aanime acharacters ain athe agame. aAnd athe aCV a(character avoice) ahas abeen aadded ainto athe agame ato amake athe ait aeven amore aexciting! aTo acelebrate athe aupcoming aChristmas, athere aprepares aseveral aattractive aChristmas astyle aevents ain athe agame afor aall athe aplayers ato aget arewards! aDon't ahesitate ato ajoin athe amecha asquad ato awin aeverything!

1. aCreate aor aupgrade ayour apersonalized awar arobots
War arobots acan abe acreated aor aupgraded awith acountless asuper amechs acomponents athat awill ahelp ayou acreate ayour apersonalized amech arobots. a
2. aOriginal acombination aof astrategy/tactics aand arpg
RPG astoryline amixed awith aa astrategy/tactics agameplay afor aan aexclusive awar arobots agaming aexperience.
3. aReal-time amultiplayer anational awar
You acan aconnect awith aplayers afrom aall aover athe aworld aand acompete ain aPVP aor aGVG amode. a
4. aMagic aand amechanics atogether ain aan aincredible aworld a
Lead aa ateam aof amercenaries athat awill amix amagic aand awar arobots ain aorder ato abring apeace ato aa areal asteel auniverse.
5. aIncredible askill aanimation
Enjoy athe aincredible askill aanimation awhile aplaying athe agame.
6. aComplete athe atask ato aunlock aachievements
Complete amilitary acampaign aand atasks afor abonuses aand aearn aamazing amaterials ain aGacha.
7. aAmazing acharacter adesigns a
Lots aof aanime acharacters aready ato afight awith ayou.

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