Angry Birds Star Wars for PC

Angry Birds Star Wars for PC

May the birds be with you!

Angry Birds Star Wars Details

AuthorRovio Entertainment Corporation
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Angry Birds Star Wars Screenshots

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About Angry Birds Star Wars For PC


A along atime aago ain aa agalaxy afar, afar aaway... aa agroup aof adesperate arebel abirds afaced aoff aagainst aa agalactic amenace: athe aEmpire’s aevil aPigtroopers!

Rebel abirds, astriking afrom aa ahidden abase, ahave awon atheir afirst avictory aagainst athe aevil aImperial aPigs. aDuring athe abattle, aRebel aspies amanaged ato asteal asecret aplans ato athe aEmpire’s aultimate aweapon, athe aPIG aSTAR, aand aare aracing ato adeliver athe aplans ato athe aRebel aBirds. aNow athey aneed ayour ahelp!

Join aan aepic aadventure awith athe aAngry aBirds ain athe alegendary aStar aWars™ auniverse! aUse athe aForce, awield ayour alightsaber, aand ablast aaway aPigtroopers aon aan aintergalactic ajourney afrom athe adeserts aof aTatooine ato athe adepths aof athe aPig aStar a-- awhere ayou’ll aface aoff aagainst athe aterrifying aDarth aVader, aDark aLord aof athe aPigs! aCan ayou abecome aa aJedi aMaster aand arestore afreedom ato athe agalaxy?

Time ato agrab ayour alightsaber aand ajoin athe aadventure! aMay athe abirds abe awith ayou!

HOURS aAND aHOURS aOF aENGAGING aGAMEPLAY a- aExplore amore athan a200 alevels ain aiconic alocations alike aTatooine aand athe aPig aStar. aCan ayou adodge aImperial apigs, alaser aturrets, aTusken aRaider apigs, aand athe adark aside aof athe aForce ato aget aall athree astars? a

NEW aGAMEPLAY aMECHANICS a- aUse alightsabers, aBlasters aand aJedi apowers ato awreak ahavoc aon athe aImperial aPigs!

LEVEL aUP aYOUR aBIRDS a- aKeep aplaying aand alevel aup ayour abirds ato aimprove atheir askills!

SECRETS aAND aHIDDEN aGOODIES a- aCan ayou aunlock aall athe aR2-D2 aand aC-3PO abonus alevels?

Stuck aon aa atricky alevel? aEarn astars aand acall athe aMighty aFalcon ato arain adown athe adestruction. aNew agoals, aachievements aand agameplay!

The aultimate atraining aground afor aa aYoung aJedi, athis aepisode afeatures a40 aDagobah aChallenge aLevels awith aJedi aMaster aYoda! aMaster athe aPath aof athe aJedi ato aunlock athe aultimate aLightsaber! aAvailable aas aan ain-app apurchase, aor aby aearning athree astars aon aevery alevel.

This afree aversion aof aAngry aBirds aStar aWars acontains athird aparty aadvertisements. aPlease asee aour aprivacy apolicy afor aadditional ainformation.

This aapplication amay arequire ainternet aconnectivity aand asubsequent adata atransfer acharges amay aapply.

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