Angry Birds Transformers for PC

Angry Birds Transformers for PC

Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this 3D shoot ‘em up adventure!

Angry Birds Transformers Details

AuthorRovio Entertainment Corporation
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Angry Birds Transformers Screenshots

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About Angry Birds Transformers For PC

aAngry aBirds aand aTransformers acollide ain athis aaction-packed, a3D ashoot a‘em aup aadventure! aThe aEggSpark ahas atransformed athe aeggs ainto acrazed arobots awho aare adestroying aPiggy aIsland, abut awho acan astop athem?! aAutobirds, aROLL aOUT!

Have ayou aever aseen aan aalien arobot aAngry aBird? aEnter athe aAUTOBIRDS! aThis abrave aband aof aheroes afeatures aRed aas aOptimus aPrime, aChuck aas aBumblebee aand… awell ayou’ll ameet athe arest asoon. aThey’ve agot alasers aand athey aturn ainto acars. aPlus athey ahave aarms aand alegs a– athat’s aa afirst! a

But athe acourageous aAutobirds acan’t asave aPiggy aIsland aon atheir aown a– ato astop athe aEggBots athey’ll aneed ato ajoin aforces awith atheir aarch arivals athe aDECEPTIHOGS a(like aDecepticons aonly asmellier). aCan athese abitter aenemies ateam aup aand aput aaside atheir adifferences? aYeah aright... a

*NOTE: aAngry aBirds aTransformers ais acompletely afree ato aplay, abut athere aare aoptional ain-app apurchases aavailable.


- aCOLLECT! aUnlock aa aroster aof aheroes a(and avillains) awith aunique aattacks aand aabilities!

- aDESTROY! aLeave athe aslingshot aat ahome a– athis atime ayou ahave asome aSERIOUS afirepower!

- aVEHICLES! aOh, ayes! aCar, atruck, atank aor aplane a– atransform ato adodge afalling ahazards!

- aUPGRADES! aGet astronger aweapons aand anew aabilities afor aevery aTransformer!

- aTAG aTEAM! aBorrow aa afriend’s acharacter ato aunleash aa adevastating atwo-bot aassault!

- aTELEPODS™! aScan a‘em ato aunlock, arevive aor aboost ayour abots!

*NOTE: a
A anetwork aconnection ais arequired afor asome agame afeatures..

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