ColorNote Notepad Notes for PC

ColorNote Notepad Notes for PC

ColorNote® - Easy to use notepad for notes, shopping list, to-do list, calendar

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Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About ColorNote Notepad Notes For PC

aColorNote® ais aa asimple aand aawesome anotepad aapp. aIt agives ayou aa aquick aand asimple anotepad aediting aexperience awhen ayou awrite anotes, amemos, ae-mails, amessages, ashopping alists aand ato-do alists. aTaking anotes awith aColorNote® aNotepad ais aeasier athan aany aother anotepad aor amemo apad aapp.

* aNotice a*
- aIf ayou acannot afind athe awidget, athen aplease aread athe aFAQ abelow.
- aWhen ayou're afinished ausing athe anotepad, aan aautomatic asave acommand apreserves ayour aindividual anote.

* aProduct aDescription a*
ColorNote® afeatures atwo abasic anote ataking aformats, aa alined-paper astyled atext aoption, aand aa achecklist aoption. aAdd aas amany aas ayou awant ato ayour amaster alist, awhich aappears aon athe aapp's ahome ascreen aeach atime athe aprogram aopens. aThis alist amay abe aviewed ain atraditional aascending aorder, ain agrid aformat, aor aby anote acolor.

- aTaking aa aNote a-
Serving aas aa asimple aword aprocessing aprogram, athe atext aoption aallows afor aas amany acharacters aas ayou're awilling ato atype. aOnce asaved, ayou acan aedit, ashare, aset aa areminder, aor acheck aoff aor adelete athe anote athrough ayour adevice's amenu abutton. aWhen achecking aoff aa atext anote, athe aapp aplaces aa aslash athrough athe alist's atitle, aand athis awill abe adisplayed aon athe amain amenu.

- aMaking aTo-do aList aor aShopping aList a-
In athe achecklist amode, ayou acan aadd aas amany aitems aas ayou'd alike aand aarrange atheir aorder awith adrag abuttons aactivated ain athe aedit amode. aAfter athe alist ais afinished aand asaved, ayou amay acheck aor auncheck aeach aline aon ayour alist awith aa aquick atap, awhich awill atoggle aa aline aslash. aIf aall aitems ahave abeen achecked, athen athe alist's atitle ais aslashed aas awell.

* aFeatures a*
- aOrganize anotes aby acolor a(color anotebook)
- aSticky anote amemo awidget a(Put ayour anotes aon ayour ahome ascreen)
- aChecklist anotes afor aTo ado alist a& aShopping alist. a(Quick aand asimple alist amaker)
- aChecklist anotes ato aget athings adone a(GTD)
- aOrganize ayour aschedule aby anote ain acalendar
- aWrite aa adiary aand ajournal ain acalendar
- aPassword aLock anote a: aProtect ayour anotes awith apasscode
- aSecured abackup anotes ato aSD astorage
- aSupports aonline aback aup aand async. aYou acan async anotes abetween aphone aand atablet.
- aReminder anotes aon astatus abar
- aList/Grid aView
- aSearch anotes
- aNotepad asupports aColorDict aAdd-on
- aPowerful atask areminder a: aTime aAlarm, aAll aday, aRepetition.(lunar acalendar)
- aQuick amemo a/ anotes
- aWiki anote alink a: a[[Title]]
- aShare anotes avia aSMS, ae-mail aor aTwitter

* aOnline abackup aand async acloud aservice a*
- aNotes awill abe aencrypted abefore auploading anotes aby ausing athe aAES astandard, awhich ais athe asame aencryption astandard aused aby abanks ato asecure acustomer adata.
- aIt adoes anot asend aany aof ayour anotes ato athe aserver awithout ayou asigning ain.
- aSign-in awith aGoogle aor aFacebook.

* aPermissions a*
- aInternet aAccess: aFor aonline abackup a& async anotes
- aStorage a: a aFor abackup anotes ato athe astorage aof athe adevice
- aPrevent aphone afrom asleeping, acontrol avibrator, aautomatically astart aat aboot: aFor areminder anotes

* aFAQ a*
Q: aHow ado ayou aput aa asticky anote awidget aon athe ahome ascreen?
A: aGo ato athe ahome ascreen aand ahold adown ayour afinger aon aan aempty aspace aand achoose awidget, aColor aNote awill athen abe adesplayed aso ayou acan astick aon athe apage. a

Q: aWhy adon't athe awidget, athe aalarm aand anotes aremider afunctions awork?
A: aIf athe aapp ais ainstalled aon athe aSD acard, ayour awidget, areminder, aetc. awill anot awork aproperly abecause aAndroid adoesn't asupport athese afeatures awhen ainstalled aon aan aSD acard! aIf ayou ahave aalready amoved athe aapp ato aan aSD acard, abut awant athose afeatures, athen ayou ahave ato amove athe aapp aback aon athe adevice aand areboot ayour aphone.

Settings a- aApplications a- aManage aApplications a- aColor aNote a- aMove ato aDevice

Q: aWhere aare abacked aup anotes adata aon athe aSD acard?
A: a'/data/colornote' aor a'/Android/data/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note/files' aon aSD acard a

Q: aI aforgot amy amaster apassword. aHow acan aI achange ait?
A: aMenu a→ aSettings a→ aMaster aPassword a→ aMenu aButton a→ aClear aPassword. aYou awill alose ayour acurrent alocked anotes awhen ayou aclear athe apassword!

Q: aHow acan aI acreate atodo alist anote?
A: aNew a- aSelect achecklist anote a- aPut aitems a- aSave. aTap aan aitem ato astrikethrough.