Photo Collage Editor for PC

Photo Collage Editor for PC

Photo Collage, collage maker and photo grid frame for Instagram !

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Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingEveryone

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About Photo Collage Editor For PC

aPhoto aCollage ais apacked awith atemplates, astickers, agrid aand alayout aoptions, aphoto aeffects, aand aexciting aphoto aeditor atools ato amake aphotos aextra aspecial.

* aPhoto aCollage aEditor ais aa apowerful aframe aphoto aeditor afor ayou ato acreate aamazing acollages ausing ayour aphotos, afun astickers, abackgrounds, atext awith alayout aand aframes.
* aPhoto aCollage aEditor ais athe abest acollage amaker a& a aphoto aeditor athat ahelps ayou acombine amultiple aphotos awith avarious aframe alayout aand aphoto agrids
* aPhoto aCollage aEditor apacks aa asimple adesign awith aa apowerful aphoto aeditor ato agive ayou aeverything ayou acould, aand aCollage ayour aphotos ato abe aamazing

* aPhoto aCollage aEditor ais aa abetter away ato amake acollage. aBy afollowing aa afew asteps, ayou acan ause aany alayouts aby aremixing ayour aown aphotos aand asharing athem awith ayour afriends:
- aPick athe alayout ayou alike abest;
- aChoose aphotos afrom ayour agallery;
- aSee athem alaid aout ain aa acool acollage;
- aEdit ait ato amake ait ayour aown!

* aOur aFacebook apage: a
* aOur aInstagram: a

aKey aFeatures: a a
+ a120+ alayouts aof aframes ato achoose afrom!
+ aEasy ato achange aborder acolors,BG aand apatterns!
+ aSimple atouch agestures ato arotate, aresize
+ aLots aof abackgrounds aand astickers ato achoose afrom!
+ aEasy ato aadd aTEXT aor aSTICKERS!
+ aA afull-featured aphoto aeditor aincluded!
+ aEasy ato ause aUI
+ aAmazing aphoto afx afilters
+ aShare ato asocial anetwork

Note: athe aedited aimage ais asaved ain a"Album/PhotoCollage" aor a"File aManager/DCIM/PhotoCollage" aor a“Gallery/PhotoCollage"