Red Keyboard for PC

Red Keyboard for PC

Red Keyboard is a simple keyboard with a great design and extra symbols added.

Red Keyboard Details

AuthorC10 Studio
Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone

Red Keyboard Screenshots

Red Keyboard for PC screenshot 1Red Keyboard for PC screenshot 2Red Keyboard for PC screenshot 3

About Red Keyboard For PC

aRed aKeyboard ais aa asimple akeyboard awith aa agreat adesign aand aextra asymbols aadded.
You acan aset ain athe aRed aKeyboard asettings athe aformat aof athe akeyboard awhen ais aon alandscape aorientation, aeither ato anormal aor athe atwo ahand akeyboard aformat.
The abackground acolor aof athe akeyboard acan abe achanged afrom asettings.
Red aKeyboard asupports aonly alatin alanguages. a(English, aFrench, aGerman, aPortuguese, aSpanish, aetc.)

Installing aKeyboard
- aGo ato aSettings
- aTap aLanguage aand ainput
- aCheck athe aRed aKeyboard
- aSet aRed aKeyboard aas aDefault

NOTE: aThis aapp adoesn't astore aor acollect aany akind aof ainformation.
For asuggestions aand abug areports aplease asend aus aan aemail aat [email protected]