Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter for PC

Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter for PC

Run and shoot to save the Galaxy from aliens. Be ready for 3D action game!

Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter Details

AuthorThe Dust
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen

Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter Screenshots

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About Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter For PC

aShoot aalien ainvaders, abefore ait awill abe atoo alate!

Exiled aalien arace aopened aportals afrom athe aother adimension ato astart ainvasion aand atake aover ahuman abases. aThey ause aforbidden atechnology ato acreate aultimate aweapon athat aturns aevery aliving aspecies ainto abloodthirsty amutants. aNow aAliens aare apreparing afor aa afinal astrike aon ayour ahome aworld. a

-Shoot aalien aand arun athrough a50 amissions aagainst ahorrible aspace amutants
- aReceive aamazing abonuses, aupgrade aguns, astatistics a(shield, adamage, afire, agun aheating)
- aComplete amission ato alevel aup aand again aextra aMoney aor aCrystals
- aCustomize aunstoppable amech ahero awith atons aof ahigh-tech aequipment
- aFind arare aammo aand aweapons ain aspecial achests
- aEnjoy aunique a3D agraphic aeffects ain aa ascience afiction adesign

Equip ayourself awith aover a30 adeadly aweapons aand aamazing apower-up asupports. aDrag adown athe ameteor aand adestroy aabomination awith aa ahuge aimpact. aShoot ayour aalien aenemies awith auniversal aand areliable alaser abeam aor ahit athem awith apower aof anuclear afusion. aGet aForce aField athat aabsorbs adamage acaused aby atremendous aalien amonsters.

Be acareful aand adon’t aoverheat ayour aonly afriends aGUNS! aEvery asecond aof ahesitation acan acost ayou ashield aloss a(or aeven aworst, ayour ahealth). aWhenever aaliens aget ato aclose, ause aMech aFist ato acreate apowerful ashockwave athat awill adestroy anearby aaliens. aIf asituation agets ato ahot, ayou acan aalways afly aabove awave aof aaliens. aYou ahave aonly aone achance ato awin athe awar. aPlay athe agame awisely aand ahave amaximum afun awith agalaxy aalien ashooting.

The agalaxy ais anot asafe aanymore, aaliens amother aspaceships adestroy aplanets ain athe aSolar aSystem aone aby aone, abut athere ais astill aone alast ahope a– aYou, aGalaxy aSoldier! aUse aradioactive adecay awith ahuge aenergy aimpact athat arips aeverything aahead. aFight aalone awith aarmy aof aalien abeasts abut astill atake acare aabout ayour aammo aand asufficient apower aof aguns. aThe aharder ayou ashot, athe acloser ayou aget ato akill ayour amain aopponent a- aAlien aQueen afrom athe aother adimension. a aNobody asaid athat athe awar awill abe aeasy ato awin!

You aneed ato ashoot a& arun afast, abefore athe aportals ato athe aother apart aof aspace acity awill abe aclosed. aTo astruggle awith apowerful aalien amutants ause ablast aTransistor awhich asmash aenemies awith aextra apower. aBe aclever! aTo amake ayourself amore apowerful ause aaliens aresearches aagainst athem. aCheck aunique aCloning aTechnology athat amultiplies arewards acollected aby ayour ashots aand ago ato aNebula aStages ato aupgrade ayour asoldier afaster.

Alien ainvaders ahave abrought aon ayour aplanet avast aof augly amonsters. aDefeat amassive aand aunique amutant abosses ain aepic afinal abattles. aThey aare amean, areally ahuge aand adetermined ato acrush ayour ahigh atech acivilization. aMachines, atorpedoes aand ariffles acouldn't ahandle athe apower aof amutants. aThe aworst aof aall, ais athat aalien aspaceships aruined ayour amilitary achain aof asupplies aand akilled amillions aof aother aelite amech asoldiers abefore. aNow ayou aare aalone aon aa abattlefront. aUse awhatever ayou acan afind ato awin aspace awar. aCrystals, aInstant aFix, aMech aFist. aSpecial atechnology, athat awill ahelp acooling adown ayour aweapons aand acould ahelp ayou ato afight awith aalien adictatorship.
a a
Crystals aand amoney acan agive ayou aopportunity ato aget anew aweapons aand asurvive athe anext awave aof aAlien aQueen’s aguards. aThe amore ayou ashoot aaliens aand akill athem, athe amore arewards ayou acan aget. aChoose ayour atype aof aplay abetween aStory aMode aand aSurvival aMode aand amake aspecial aachievements ahelp ayou ato abecome athe aultimate aspace ahero.

Galaxy aSoldier a- aAlien aShooter ais aa afree arunner agame aoptimized ato awork asmooth aon amost amobile adevices. aDiscover awell-designed a3D aanimations aand aimmerse ayourself ainto aspace acombat awith aaliens. aEnjoy athe aendless awar aand aput ayour afingers aon athe atrigger!

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Time ato ashoot aaliens, asoldier!